Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 officially went to gold

Insomniac Games has just published a message in which the developers confirmed the completion of work on the adventure. The game is ready and went to gold to get into the hands of the players on October 20.

The company was not limited to a simple graphic message about the completion of the project – the studio responsible for the adventures of Spider -Man released a video in which you can see several actors.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 officially went to gold! We are very pleased to share this iconic achievement with our studio and employees of PlayStation and Marvel Games, as well as with our incredible community around the world. We are looking forward to when you experience what we cook, October 20

I hope there will be a year

I really look forward to realistic injuries from the game, just in 2 two games they repeat 1 and the same mistake. For example, in Miles after the battle with Fina, where she, as it were, breaks his ribs, the hero barely gets up and says that his ribs are broken, but after the scene ends, and they give us the opportunity to play, Miles feels not like nothing It happened. He barely got up a couple of seconds ago, and now he can also perform tricks and everything also flies on the web, it picks up. I hope in the new part it will be like this: after the missions where the spider is injured, it flies at least a couple of minutes on the web and t, as a realistically wounded, for example, if you enter this state in some kind of battle, then the spider will be difficult to dodge, it will be weaker , he will not be able to indulge all the attacks, etc. In the flights on the web, he would be slow, or for example, could not reject the tricks well when you make a square. It would be very cool, even if it were added by a separate option in the game settings

Could be released at the PC!

Let’s play in a year or two

Couldn’t, it won’t work like that

No more

They will no longer become, they are aimed to row the loot with a PC, so at least a year, a maximum of two.

well, as if opened America, this is obviously as much as possible. But most likely not a year or 2 since the game will most likely be one of the best, or even the best game of the year. And if this is so, then most likely it will be carried to profit even after 1, it will be released on a PC as soon as the sales completely fall

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