More than the game: the player told how he keeps the memory of his deceased father in World of Warcraft

Christmas has already passed, and the New Year is approaching, and the festive mood is in full swing. Traditionally at this time of the year it is customary to conduct special moments with family and friends. However, many find themselves in completely different reality, since for various reasons they separate from loved ones. In the case of the user Previous_buyer9854, this season of holidays carries memories of the loss of father. At such moments, World of Warcraft is more than just a game. This is a vessel to preserve the cherished memories of a deceased relative.

Going to Reddit, the player shared his touching story with his father. The journey of father and child is rooted in the past when his father introduced him to the virtual world of Wow. Under the light of computer screens, the duet conducted countless days and nights, creating a strong connection in the game universe.

When I was only 8 years old, he brought home a voluminous box with World of Warcraft discs, on which a violet elf was depicted from above, and from below – a gnome with a hunting rifle. We often played games, but this. It was different. I sat next to him, while he created his first character, of course, it was a gnome with a hunting gun (five plus for creativity) named Gaaron. I sat next to him night after night and watched him make his way through the snowy lands, wet lands, desert lands – all types of lands, how he carefully fulfills the quests and increases the level of this character, which he cherished and loved.

However, life presented an unexpected surprise. His father died. Most of his things disappeared during the fire. And Previous_buyer9854 has nothing left but a few photos. He cannot even visit his father’s grave, as he lives too far.

Then Previous_Buyer9854 decided to try to regain his father’s account in Wow. Fortunately, the father’s virtual heritage has survived and the son managed to get access to him. This digital avatar became a bridge between the departed father and his child.

Now that I miss him, usually for Christmas, I go into the game and visit his character, feed his pet, make him a haircut, put on new clothes. I can still go back and virtually walk through the first snowy steps that we took in 2008, I can visit the fierce cities again, which my father showed me with pleasure, dungeons, I can fight with the same monsters. Even such trifles as the equipment that he created, and the precious stones that he mined, I hid in the banking storage in the game to preserve. My father lives in this small eccentric gnome, which he has been care for since 2008, and whenever I miss him, Gaaron is always there to take a walk with nostalgia and get a little serotonin.

Although his father passed away, he still exists in the virtual world and in the hearts of those who remained. This story caused a big resonance in the World of Warcraft community and deeply touched the players.