According to rumors, Marvel changed the video game development strategy after Marvel’s Avengers failure

After recent failures, including Marvel’s Avengeers video games, information appeared that Marvel is going to change its strategy regarding video games.

The success of Marvel Spider-Man has achieved success, and games such as Marvel’s Avengers, Midnight Suns and Future Revolution, as one of the fans on Twitter noted, turned out to be big.

According to the Canwegetsometoast insider, everything will change.

He answered the fan:

Marvel perfectly understands that her division of video games as a whole does not reveal its potential. There are rumors that changes have occurred inside the Marvel company, as a result of which the main attention will be given to games.

According to the insider, new games about black panther and iron person are waiting for big changes.

As for me, Marvel’s Avengers could be reanimated, at least as an adventure action, there is some kind of production in the plot, and it is cool very sometimes even sometimes. Just take, remove Nafig HP and levels from enemies, process the abilities of the heroes based on the new mechanics so that everything would not go to the tendency of levels, namely, to the usefulness of the use of skills, to attach their levels for different heroes, for example, more than the flights, more flights more firing and, accordingly, the battles with airplanes, helicopters, Hulk has more a mechanic associated with force and mass pogroms, for the EVERTHOSE I would have been made like stealth mines and so on and the game would have turned from a wretched session, in principle, very weakly adventure action where you went through the plot for different heroes played and cool, and as additional. Leave tasks as opening the arch of heroes, that’s all. Costly? Yes, but it is better than at a loss of 3 years to try to reanimate the game that they did not succeed.

Agree. The birdhouses were able to reanimate the 14th ending. So here – to arrange a large -scale rebut of games, guided by the desire of fans. Obviously, they were not the new skinchiks asked.

Iron Man, more flights, more shooting and, accordingly, battles with planes, helicopters, the Hulk has more mechanics associated with force and mass pogroms, for the EVERTHOSE I would have been made like stealth mines

You understand that you need to work at least for this? Follow the path of minimal resistance in attempts to success.

Yeah, what did they actively PR this feces. Unlike the awesome guards of the galaxy who did not have at all

The guards were a good game, it is a pity that she did not justify the sales. Everyone expected from her such a mutet as the Avengers, well, the advertisement was weak.

There was no advertisement there at all.

Just passed. The game is just a gun, unlike

I agree, I purely accidentally came across it at one time, and really humor, like a gameplay with a plot, went through it!

They missed very hard when they made a service game.

But what about the guards of the galaxy? In my opinion, a good game, one of the best, is, of course, there is something to find fault with, but in general the game is very good.

I have not just big hopes for an iron person! If they try to release feces, I will declare a boycott to all subsequent games from them!

If you don’t buy when you don’t like it, they will lose so hard (no)

As sellers say: any buyer is important.

You have been late for 10 years – the feces have already been released, and twice – in 2008 and 2011, and the level of Vin95 and SS1.

I don’t even know what was released there.

But I remember: many games about Marvel heroes were filled out of Steam (Deadpool, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Sabzh and something else). Some kind of curse or copyright problem

But I remember: many games about Marvel heroes were filled out of Steam (Deadpool, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Sabzh and something else). Some kind of curse or copyright problem

The curse is called "alien license". Publishers usually sign a license for a period of a couple of years. We passed a couple of years? Remove the game or turn again to the copyright holder and try to conclude a new contract.

New Games EA Black Panther and Iron Man will be the beginning of a push

How this one "push" not the last in the life of these games)

I don’t understand what the failure is? The game came to me at all, I went through everything with pleasure! The same as the guards of the galaxy plus minus

Here! But it was not necessary to go through! It was necessary to utter it! Thousand thousand at least! He passed, you see, neither shame nor conscience. The game was done for what? That the dough is cut off, and not in order to pass it! 😁

Aa is understandable, I thought a common passage, went and deleted) She certainly did not pull the fan service game, this is yes

Black Panther will become a body positive? And the iron man transgender? Well good luck to them.

That would be a game about a silver surf.

His abilities are extremely specific, the method of moving boring (in this, in my opinion, the most interesting is a spider person). His story is also not easy.

In general, as a character who will be given to manage 1-2 quests to resolve some situation, very good, but as the main character of the game. Well I do not know. It will be necessary to try very hard to make it interesting. Plus, the character’s very weak popularity, but it finishes all the fact that the developers are now experimenting with a lot of hunting, how to squeeze out more money from the audience, while experiments with mechanics and gameplay are extremely reluctant to go. All this just buries the likelihood of a similar game.

Rossamakh is an interesting character. 2009 game will not let you lie!

Specific? This despite the fact that the person is capable of almost anything?

The method of movement is boring? Will cease to be boring when you fly between planets, asteroids and stars.

The story is not simple. Bad something?

But about the experiments, yes. Therefore, it remains only to dream

Well, under the specific abilities, I meant this, Clark Kent nervously smokes on the sidelines)

This game has disgusting optimization or does not have this game at all, I reduced all the settings to the lowest, and put it on the smallest resolution of the screen, and FPS and the picture are so terrible, it is not possible to play. Yes, the same god of war on medium-high settings, I have a smooth picture, and gives FPS 45-50, it happens and 68 FPS reaches. But this game, everything is so disgusting! A nightmare!

At the expense of Midnight Suns would not say that she is straight bad, she just doesn’t stand her money, I think I would look fine in the game pass. And why did they say nothing about the guards? The guards are like a great thing for me, if it were advertised more, I think they would be satisfied (though Mstune, they all smoothly raised themselves to the next releases of Marvel)

Close ? It would be nice

In Marvel’s Avenges, a cool plot is very pleasant and varied. The problem here is only in the orientation on online and the sale of skins.

I heard only the best reviews about Midnight Suns. Maybe just sold not so good, but the game is great.

Future Revolution for phones is a very cool game outwardly. But gameplay is boring there, I was not enough for a long time. Although at one time in Future Fight.

Arkham Knight will not surpass!

The secret of success is very simple. Do not try to milk the players with endless MMOs with Lutboxes, passes, subscriptions

Make games such as guards and everything will be fine.

I just decided not to let them out? (I didn’t read the article)

Yes, just paraphrased. "Games" will do EA.

They wanted to do something like a Korean milkmaid to breed a shkolot for breakfast, but it did not grow together, then a special talent is needed (and cynicism).

This is what kind "Miracle" on the screenshot with fists like a Hulk?

The game is clearly shydevr 10 out of 10.

You are clearly a fan of Marvel, since you don’t know who it is .LOOOOL

We decided to revise and "games" from EA, ahahahahahahahahaha, cloud. No, the games are not about Marvel at all.

We will be realistic – Marvel has no characters except one single Spider -Man who would guarantee the interest of the audience 100% and subsequent profitability.

Hulk, as a separate character, drowned in mediocre films and games in the early 2000s.

The punisher had only 1 mediocre game, which is not fundamentally different from prefixed fighters for the ss1/ss2 of those years. Mediocre films only secured the status of a passage character, although the potential was.

One 100% masterpiece and two good continuation made Blade, but the games were made by tap-lip, for the sake of, so the series was successfully bent.

HE people were very popular in the 90s, even despite the fact that the games on Dandy were garbage, and there were many competitors on the consoles. At the beginning of the zero, several very solid films with a ton of cash actors and adequate scenarios were released, but Marvel again mediocre games on Zyzes and PC, although they had a huge potential.

They did what they did. although they could extract tons of profits from scratch.

In addition, there were cooperative games like an alliance, separate games about Dedpool, etc.e, but really lucky only Spider-Man. Under each film or series, its own line of games was released, almost everyone was or successful (multitraeral on SS1) or not fed (movie games based on Raymy and Webba films). New games that are not tied to films were also extremely popular.

So, if Marvel does not plan to reanimate HE people or make their gloomy analogue of the Arkham Batman in the face of a punisher or a daredevil, then Spider-Man will be their only stable feeder until the end of the century.