The history of the formation of the protagonist in the new Assassin’s Creed: Mirage trailer, as well as a new gameplay with Ubisoft Forward

Ubisoft Forward pleases fans with a spectacular demonstration of the next game in the cult series of Assassin’s Creed. The long -awaited Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, where the developers have bet on the action and the steam is gradually approaching the release and this time we are given the opportunity to plunge a little in history. Ubisoft Forward shown the plot trailer for the game that reveals the background of the protagonist.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage the first game in the Assassin’s Creed series for many years, which promises to return to the original game process with an emphasis on secrecy. There will be no role elements and mythology in this game, instead players will focus on the tracking of representatives of the members of the Order of the Ancients and their subsequent elimination. Assassin’s Creed: Mirage is the Assassin’s Creed spin-off: valhalla offering an independent story about Basim.

Well, as a bonus on Ubisoft Forward, the developers showed almost 8 minutes of the gameplay of the new product. In this video, we are allowed in detail to evaluate the study of the city with the use of Parku and see how the investigation is going on.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage will take place this fall. The release of stealth explosion is scheduled for October 12 for PC and consoles of both generations.

Animations in katsen in the first video are terrible, as if the game for mobile phones was done. And in the gameplay video the spirit of the first assassins is not felt, this is the same Valhalla with a slightly great stop on stealth and parkour, which are made very primitive in themselves, again not to compare with the classic parts. Of course, he will be able to entertain the Mirage, but to attract – hardly.

I have long said that this is a cut Valgalla. Tin’s voice at the heifer, as if I had smoked all my life

Lol what kind of krinjovaya Abilka at the 6th minute with teleports

Why does everything look so clumsy and wood

Because the Persian, as in previous games of the series, sticks to each board and rope

Hmm, Unity is already 9 years old, the mirage looks worse in places, this shame is just

Jumps like an ax, kills like an ax, says as an ax, character = ax.

Baba of the kid saved. And he became a man. It’s clear.

Vanguyy that Roshan voices "Shokhre Agdashlu" From the series space 🙂 Very cool voice.
By gameplay, this is finally similar to the original! Hooray!
But there is one but, something hides the outfits. again in gameplay did not show a full -fledged fight.

Yes, the actress is good. But it confuses what model for a mentor was made to her. Gray (pellet) hair is far from the only sign of age, and they only added a fluffy hairstyle in ashen color and gave a woman’s voice and think that you can believe it in this? Stupidity. Where is the movement of a person in age? Where is the skin with wrinkles and slightly opal, instead of a plastic face, ala pins-twin from Sims4? Terrible, I hope the dick "Work in Progress" Not a joke and the game is really finished.

I hope for a good game.

Clumsily attached crutches from the first games on the skeleton of Valgalla.

Duck is written:

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage is the Assassin’s Creed spin-off: valhalla offering an independent story about Basim.

But they advertise it as a return to the origins, everywhere they put these angles as in the first part. She looks somehow inorganic with these animation from Valgalla. And it costs almost like a new game $ 50.

Just the first game about Altair under the new name.. Assassins have long been obsolete and became not interesting.. If the anniversaries made games about Egypt, Greece, viking without asasins, and purely about those eras, it would be much more interesting and better. Sanding a series of games historical battles, which showed stories during certain different historical periods related to major historical events

Teleports of course look nonsense. Immediately recall Batman the last where every movement was like an art. In any case, there will be no better Assassins Creed

exactly. Assassin’s Creed is about tracking down, neat and deftly drawing up to the enemy so that the next does not notice the hazard approach, as well as the next after it.

In general, this whole teleportation without a pleasant passage from one goal to another, according to the chain of actions thought out by the player himself, is insulting and not appropriate. I will steal in classic.

This is who said that a series about “tracking”?) You?)

And now in order:


Stealth is the genre of computer games in which the player should avoid detecting a game character with opponents or secretly eliminate them without attracting attention. To remain unnoticed in these games, the game character must hide from enemies, use camouflage and not create noise

Stealth suggests, waiting, tracking and eliminating the goal without attracting attention.

The game was originally about stealth, and not about fantastic teleports, let it be in the simulation for "Tyskipa"(pass the time spent on any actions). This provides the game before not.

I love Assassinov, I respect the anniversary

It looks good in principle, but the only thing that stands out is a boring parkour like in the last parts

That’s the problem, in the last trilogy, the parkour was not so important, movements around the world occurred on horseback or boats. And here is the whole city, in the spirit of the old AC, the world has become much smaller and there is one of the most important mechanics here.

Maybe the game is not bad, but all this has already seen many times. For beginners there will be norms that are not all played by the Starpers, there are also those to whom the mother has only today the computer bought.

Jubisoft has forgotten how to make beautiful and high -quality animations.

Gameplay is very much resemble the first part. I definitely wait.

. The first game in the Assassin’s Creed series for many years, which promises to return to the original game process with an emphasis on secrecy. There will be no role elements and mythology in this game, instead players will focus on the tracking of representatives of the members of the Order of the Ancients and their subsequent elimination.

Just there was no need to go from this path. Well, okay, we will believe that the game will return to the origins of the beginning. I do not want to find fault with the details of the gameplay, it is clear that everything is for demonstration, but let’s talk about small news:

1) New eagle vision. Noticed the difference from the last parts? No red or other colors of enemies on a dull blue background. Finally! At the beginning of the series of games, eagle vision was excellent. The player could determine what and where is it, but how for me from Origins and to Valhalla everything was terrible. And now, although when you see the sixth sense of the character, you see the spark that was original in the game. This makes me happy.

2) The atmosphere of the game. The location itself is very reminiscent of Masiaf. An assassin office appeared, which is located in sight. Goals on the walls and records, the strategy of the war itself and the confrontations. Changes in equipment for the character and myself, I am not afraid of this word, the form of the hero. Closer to the origins of the series. Where there is an icon of the guild and ammunition for the difference between a warrior and "employee" offices.

This is all that I saw. The capture and behavior of the character in motion do not differ much from the past parts. Surprised the moment with the eagle and the intelligence territory. Guardians pay attention to auxiliary characters. Pleasing. But this is just the first gameplay. Let’s see, but I was afraid that it would be worse.

But in essence: gameplay – a past trilogy with interspersed chips from older parts. Animation is almost the same, sounds (as usual) wander from series to series. Well, assets are similar or the same (ingots, for example). Kinematographic was added, the cards must again be scooped up. Even the font and color of the Sabers from Valgalla. Music, as usual, is not bad (from what is heard in the video). And the store, judging by the bonuses of pre -order, did not go anywhere

In the second part, in the second part, it moves more smoothly and plastic, that in the park, in battle, in the hidden elimination, the fuck is this swing before the blow, he is preparing to take off, in the origins of this deilism, they stole three at once the warfare of the war of the war of the war of the war enemies, why do not spy on the ghost of Tsushima sho

From 2:06 a voice was recorded from him)))

That is why I do not leave the feeling that the more they advertise, the more shit it will be at the start.
Almost all "Loud" The games were incompetent.

I play in every new part of the assassins on the day of the release, they are all playable at the start.

But what about one of the parts about Ezio, where people pumped a pirate to play, since the plot was not to continue due to a non -working function, and the pirates as always corrected the jamb of anniversary

I don’t even remember this, to see it somewhere in the 10th years, I only remember how I started UNITI on the release, and there everything was lag, but then I thought on my computer, but it turned out to be so, in any case it was real Nessgen on the schedule, not long ago turned her and was very pleased, although I have still become that Grayodooo. Therefore, he did not hold a grudge for the relic state of Unity.

I would not say that Nessgen was straight, Rice had come from Krasetket a year earlier, and somewhere after half a year, a witcher 3, and the Unity was not bad in the game schedule. Unity had a crowd of parkour, who did not finish in close combat, who killed all fencing, did not have a brightly screaming agenda of the anniversary statements (we were upset that the players choose Alexis, therefore you will receive a Vikinsha and a kasandra in Valghalla for a snack, and judging by the Assassins, a strong independent but very, very independent, but very much smoked, but when it could fit the characters and not energize anyone), and the last farm is quite clear the last headlight from the anniversary, Golum is not long ago, obviously weaned to believe the gamers before the exit

And what did the person in Red Chalme expect at the beginning when his comrade was killed? In general, a harsh woman with a smoked voice and Afronigs Muslims

As well as fans of any series of games. the same fans of FOR, FIF, and TD, etc. There are even fans of studios who eat anything. This was shown by the release of cyberpunk, it is now visible by Starfield. So I would say that all the games are for an amateur and not for you to judge people, I am sure that and you are attributed to some kind of “funeral”)