The developers of “Troubles” answered some frequent questions

Brief information from a fresh session of questions and answers on the game:

– There will be no satellites in the game;

– All plot events in the game unfold for one year;

– It will not be possible to win back the villain and kill civilians. Yuri Miloslavsky is a positive character, not a villain, to kill civilians – against his views;

– obscene vocabulary in "Troubles" will not be;

– variability will only affect the gameplay, but not the plot;

– there will be a choice of complexity;

– High riding will be, but only on foot;

– In the game there will be references to memes and Easterks, as well as humor;

– There will be no repeated tasks in the style of captures of towers/camps or collecting objects;

– the process of reloading in the battle will be automatic, but the number of shots to the battle will be limited;

– hunting, fishing, trade and classic loot will not be;

– the game is planned for 40 hours of passage;

– there will be no multiplayer;

– Visiting buildings will only be possible by quests.

-support for mods, due to lack of resources, is not yet planned;

– The developers emphasized that the world will be only partially open, within the framework of individual locations.

It sounds sloppy, I expected RPG.

I also expected when only the first news appeared. And then the further, the more strange this venture seemed

It seems to be the same story that with Cyberpunk2077. The deadlines are burning and they are cutting off what they do not have time to finish

Kutsai turns out to be the whole game because of a lack of funds, and not just support for mods.

So the English Fallout will not diverge on the old RPG

CRC in this RPG will nothing from RPG

Wow.. how many reasons not to play the game! Against the background of the rest of the games with wide possibilities, Troubles turn out to be the worst g +++ Ohm.

Given that there are Poles with g +++ Ohm, they interfere and the Poles are on from this, it is worth playing the game

A strange reason to waste time on a failure project.

So what kind of turmoil is it if there is no mat?No longer interesting.= (

And what remains of the gameplay and the very gameplay then? Some gamefill. All this sounds, rather as an anti -advertising game. Moreover, with a huge budget, which is clear where they spent. And after that, something about the witcher 3 is said there. I hope this at least motivates to make a normal and interesting RPG in ancient Rus’

I read all the time on the posture of vanity, not the trouble))

I am just sure that most of the 40 hours of passage are non -accumulated dialogs

Ahha))) but there was something)) "The game will be better than a witcher")))) it is immediately clear that the game is a vyser

I was demolished with such a post with such a design. He threw the report.

And what is in the game? With such layouts it should be something ingenious, but I do not believe in it.

With this description, the game had to be released.

Moreover, 10 years ago

It would be better to throw off and made Space Ranges 3 and not that’s all.

And about what, actually the game? Gameplay, it turns out, will be limited to fights, WASD and viewing dialogs? I am disappointed.

The game is fully consistent with its name. Even a noise from spiders and then they are not felt so dashingly as domestic "murderer" Witcher 3.

And where the developers talked about the killer of the Witcher?

Weak, very weakly! It doesn’t even pull on the middle game! Disappointed!

And the latter is extremely insulting.

Everything looks pretty simple. No highlight is visible at all. This does not mean that it makes no sense to play. Everything will depend on the cost. It should be significantly lower than that of the same Atomic Heart.

It is difficult to condemn the fear of bite off a piece that you cannot swallow.
It’s better to do something simple than to configure plans for decades of development, promise from three boxes, and as a result, release only 20%.

Definitely. With a price tag within 1000r. I will play.

The villain will not? This is a type "Proper upbringing of children through games" From the point of view of the English government? Or just to develop laziness was?
If the first, then I am not a child, and I do not need upbringing. If the second, then I hope they will compensate for it with a high -quality linear plot.

– Yuri Miloslavsky – a positive character, not a villain, to kill civilians – against his views.

A bunch of games where only a positive character is played out, but even here you remembered that someone wants to raise you. In general, you see some kind of hidden meaning everywhere?

Geralt also did not touch Mirnyak, the Kremlin’s hand, and reached the Poles.

Only here? No. In any RPG called variable, there should be real freedom.

People, in the second part, in general, for non-man-terrorists, one could go through the game.

Well, this is not RPG so that there you can play the villain.

In general, as I understand it, we are waiting for a game in a kind "Old" style, almost linear, with an established character without the opportunity to somehow change his behavior (it means that he is positive), variability exclusively due to several types of weapons.

Well, Oldskul, I don’t remember whether they promised RPG or not, if they promised, then yes, this is not RPG. And if they did not promise, then in non-RPG and there should not be neither a waging nor different endings. At least once different endings and wagging were the prerogative of the RPG genre.

But about the fact that all this sounds somehow anxious, yes. That’s not, that. What then is there?

The poster looks like a thought.

Well, while all this is mostly pluses.

Leave your moist fantasies about the finish. I do not have that.
No, of course, it will not work, because so the market works. But I will most likely buy it at the start to support our. Although I will play in a year or two after "release".

No wagering the villain, no alternative elections – one linear story. And if I want to go against the system and attack civilians in order to feel like a real leader? So no, only good and light, like at school.

There will be no multiplayer either, so I will not be able to fight with other players for control of Moscow. But what about the historical reliability and completeness of the perception of the era of the Troubles? It is clear that one hero could not cope – it would be necessary to create armies and factions on different aspects of the conflict.

In general, it seems that the developers rely on the shkolota, and not on adult players. All these frames – the lack of obscene vocabulary, cannot be killed by peaceful ones – only real connoisseurs of historical settings are scared away. What if one of us dreamed of a true reincarnation in Ivan the Terrible or Patriarch Hermogenes – so this dream was also forgotten!

Well, nothing, let’s wait for the release of the game, and then we will immediately begin to demand a multiplayer, plot editor and mods for complete freedom. Maybe the developers will still wake up and add something without which any historical game is doomed to failure.

The state gives grandmas, the stump is clear for children and adolescents for educational purposes.
It is very strange to wait for something else

About 260 million neither hearing nor spirit.

You are aware that this is a penny for a game industry?

Not for this "game industry"😂

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