Arena Breakout tactical shooter went to iOS and Android

Global Game Developer Morefun Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, said the Arena Breakout is released all over the world and is now available for free loading iOS in AppStore and Android in Google Play. More than 10 million previously registered users are ready to shoot and rob in a dark zone to get a chance to get rich on the battlefields of the battles of Kamona.

Arena Breakout includes supporting English and 13 other languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, English, Turkish, traditional Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Thai, German, French and Italian.

Create and modify the superrealistic weapon using Ultimate Gunsmithing System in Arena Breakout. Mix and combine more than 700 accessories to fit in more than 10 slots for modifications. Get ready before each mission with suitable equipment, medicines and accessories that correspond to your battle style. After each successful operation, sell and exchange weapons and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you will find in the system of the open market of the game in order to accumulate your reserve and reputation of the legendary mercenary of good luck. Thanks to the ultramat this lighting and dynamic weather system using the Unreal Volumetric Cloud technology, Arena Breakout breaks the stereotypes of casual shooters, providing a rich and exciting hardcore tactical shooter with the first person, which will like the new generation of mobile gamers.

Arena Breakout is the first one of a kind of hardcore tactical shooter with first persons for mobile devices. Players will stand on Earth in a kamon, not a nobody land, recently torn by a civil war. Search the fighting zone to get a chance to get rich, but be prepared to fight for survival. Destroy the opponents in the forehead using secrecy, or even go through the bullets. Get to the evacuation point and leave the war zone alive to get a chance to get rich. Create and modify the super -realistic firearms, treat fresh wounds to move on, and be sure to replenish empty stores after each shootout. Even the smallest details and solutions are important, since each battle is a high risk game in which the winner receives everything. Do not take with you that you are not ready to lose.