The main character in Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2 will not be a beginner, but the oldest vampire

The PC Gamer portal interviewed by the vice president of Paradox Interactive Sean Green and the creative director of Alex discount, in which they shared what Vampire: The Masquarade-Bloodlines 2 from the new developer The Chinese Room. As it turned out, The Chinese Room decided to maintain the initial setting of the game in Seattle and used some developments of Hardsuit Labs, but changed the gaming mechanics and RPG system. The action of Bloodlines 2 will take place in Christmas time during a historical snowstorm, atmosphere with something reminding the Night New York from Max Payne.

The background of the protagonist will also change. As planned by Hardsuit Labs, they should have become a vampire-novice, as in the first part. The Chinese Room decided not to repeat themselves, so in the second part players will play for "The oldest" – powerful vampire who awakened from a long sleep. Since the events of the first part, the vampire community has suffered greatly at the hands of Vatican vampire hunters called "Second Inquisition", Therefore, the appearance in Seattle of an ancient, super -minute vampire will be a big event.

The release of Bloodlines 2 will take place next fall, but already in January 2024, developers will share new details and show a gameplay video. The game will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC, versions for PS4 and Xbox One canceled.

And as I understand it, everyone will send this "The oldest" vampire to fulfill his tasks?

Maybe he will invent quests to himself)

Collect chamomile for decoction)

devour 10 rats in the basement

Well, if he is the oldest vampire does not mean that he is some kind of cool vampire. Everyone could forget about him and the old influence in lost. In the first part, we killed the leaders of the clans and vampires for the newcomer for the vampire who kept in fear of others.

Most likely it is not the old man, but Antsill.

You are the oldest vampire who slept for 500 years? Cool! Go to my basement and kill 10 rats. And also grab the box of potatoes. Thank you.

It’s early to go kill, first get a message

The oldest from 300 years of life are considered + from a long sleep, they lose their ability. That is, the oldest vampire is not necessarily some powerful regent with a 1500 year history.

You haven’t confused some recipation with some? It seemed to be there that the fears flowed into a torpor specifically to lose the power of blood to 1, otherwise they would have to engage in cannibalism.

You are a newcomer vampire? Wait, don’t kill me, please, I’m just the oldest vampire here and the leader of the group! I beg you, stand!

I already guess that they will overturn the pumping and instructions from the lower vampires that after the awakening of the GG will be weak and should drink a lot of blood.

Yep, well, it’s like a moss is pointless, it’s quite a logical explanation for itself

I am not a big expert on Laura, but if I am not mistaken, the oldest vampire does not mean at all that before that he was there straight.

Not every elder is very powerful, many received their status for the length of service, so yes, not every elder was a bender.

The farther from Cain, the weaker the blood

And first of all, after waking up, we will go to hang out? I hope let’s go

Series "What are we doing in the shade"

in which she will be logical that the character is bending everyone)
In general, it is interesting what kind of mechanics and abbilils there will be at Ubervampir

And the oldest vampire will pump his skills with 0 😅

Well, by the way, good justification. Like blood, you need to drink something to break the abbers.

To give the use of 1 minute IMBU.

Or they can quite make a prologue where you are an imba and bring everyone to the left and right. Then some kind of ritual occurs, or captivity on the nm years and everything is forgotten, run the farm quests, quite a typical scheme 🙂

Maybe he has dementia? All the same, the oldest. )))

Game Prototype 1-2. You are from the start of IMBA, capable of killing the half of the city of Solo.

Sounds like an anime name – "The oldest vampire has awakened, but the world has changed – pumping from scratch in the new world!"

Is it not literally a walking apocalypse by the ENT of the game of the game, which wakes up only to devour all the living on the ground and some of them managed to slap only a few nuclei while they were still half the day?

Like the whole of LO around Geena is built that the ancients will wake up and all the pipets. Or they changed? Or I don’t know something?

And how the ancient will be realized gamers? It should be a giga tough, purely purely because of the generation, no?

Also wake up "Old" The vampire was implemented in Redempshin and there it was realized very well because it was in the middle of the game, and before that we ran to the Middle Ages.

Yes, as is usually done in games, I lost my memory, t.E itself GG will not realize that he is the oldest, suffered in battle, etc. Here the hibernation itself seems to mean that the type is weakened and so on, you will run the whole game to recover 🤷 Alexander

Duck if you have lost memory, then why in the announcement to spoil such a twist? It’s stupid.

You are meticulous with just anzilli and elders confused. DOTOPLE is already 3 generations, vampires from 13 to 8 generation can be anzilli, the elders are usually 6, a maximum of 5. Since the 4th generation is clans patriarchs.

So most likely they will give Antsill after the trader and all.

And in the end you destroy the whole world. That would be cool, but they would not have enough eggs for such an ending.) Although if there will be a lot of endings, then you can.

The oldest is what, 6-9 generations, or Mafusail 4-5 generations, which would be cool!

Nope, 4 generation would be too nasty.

Well, if we are talking about the ancient, whether it can be antediluvian vampires of the third generation Cainite? There were 13 ancients and nowhere is it said that they all died out..

They write: there is at least four living antediluvian information and one of them of the founder Tremer was seen in Mexico City.

Well, you bent it with antediluvian. Their awakening for vampires will be comparable to the phenomenon of God, causing terrible disasters. This is a threat to the whole world, as you propose playing for this? Most likely it will be someone at the level of Antsill or the elder, not cooler than the generation of the 6th. Unless the diablerists will bring what I doubt.

One could play for Cain with the task of destroying all the antediluvians during hell))

Ancients are usually considered from the 4th generation. But the 3rd is also okay. Fortunately, if the development was entrusted with another studio, but already from such news, the new concept itself becomes very interesting)))

We will play for a taxi driver 🙂

By the way, a taxi driver who really was he was? It seems that he came out of the ancient coffin?

Which, let me guess, will fly away from several homeless people. "You wander you weakened after a long sleep, you first need to fulfill our instructions. ".

But the style is cool. The concepts really Max Payne resemble

Meanwhile "The oldest " The vampire receives a quest

The oldest vampire is plunged to the bottom

So that everyone understands. Racks of the Cool and awesome RPG, with steep pumping of skills, abilities, different races in the past, three Games, which were mastodons of the RPG genre, stood at the origins of the follicles, Arkanum. Straight mega fat roll play play with a bunch of mechanic.

All that did new outfits, mods for half 2nd.

Further credits from that meme

The Chinese Room decided not to repeat themselves, so in the second part players will play for "The oldest" – powerful vampire who awakened from a long sleep.

This is even intright since they initially said that we would play a flavor vampire

This means that the plot is rewritten by a completely new studio.

And not the fact that it will be cool.

Or maybe both options, for example, have amnesia, you were told that you are weak -blooded but in the process it turned out that you are an ancient vampire

As you tell the ancient conditionally 7th generation that it is weak -blooded if it is noticeable externally, it can be recorded in the Cainites maximum, but not in weak -term.

Well, he has memory loss, so you can powder your brains. So at least you can explain why he or she would perform side tasks. Otherwise you are an old and powerful vampire and you fulfill the task of those who must obey

Christoph 800+ Summer age now does not interfere with the anarchs to hang out fighting in the forefront and then help Katherine (Catherine) in Tunisia as a whole by the authorities and influence in the new world, he has no fame of the killer of Vuokodlak and the rustle that he ducked after awakening, The fact that 800 crusaders for Soklans are only rumors, and Christophe does not really like to share his memories. The old gg will be yes, but he has no influence. We have too little introductory. How many years I spent in the undead before he fell into a torpor. They just have an alien from the past without influence in the new world whom he needs to get used to with his non -non -nature nature. Tasks are performed because in the new world he is nobody and he needs to become someone and earn influence and respect. Such an analogue of Christophe Romuald may well give us.

The screenshots are beautiful. Direct Gotham City.

I already represent the beginning of the game:

– to sit down, click "Ctrl"

– Congratulations, you completed your training and got your first point, distribute it into your skill "bite", To learn how to drink blood.

I would not laugh so much if it would not be true.

The vampire community was badly affected by hands Vatican vampire hunters called "Second Inquisition"

Joking jokes but it is, the masquerade de facto fell on the evil spirits, but they themselves support him so that there is no panic, and hunters from the 2nd Inquisition are hunting for evil spirits who have the most modern weapons. Well, in addition to other groups of hunters, like Leopold society, lonely endowed and t.P.

I just see how this oldest will drive both in the tail and in the mane.

It sounds quite interesting.

I hope the oldest vampire will not be turned into a six -blooded and ghouls into six.

Of course, it will not be turned otherwise, it is the conventions of the game, but again, if there is enough skills can be intimidated, persuaded or by force to take what you need. This is of course if the game follows in the footsteps of Bloodlines and does not become another degree like Fallout 4

So in Fallaut 4 there is everything you described. You will like it, play

Um no, there it is present nominally, t.e, so that you do not answer, no matter how the outcome will always be the same, the same applies to Starfield, they could not even register different paths in the sid. Play Baldur’s Gate 3 This is where you can really go through quests in different ways. One Side quest with Karga what is worth it, nothing like this is in Fallout 4 or in Starfield’e, I’m more than sure

The oldest does not mean anything. Our crusader Christoph Romailed is technically also an elder, and with a rather solid age, although most of the undead spent most of the undead in the torp and lay in it until the end of the world if an annezhka had not taken him out of it. Age is and experience, ties and strengths, the cat cried.

Elders are 6-8 generation, in the 1st Blades we played for the 13th.
Caithifs were 14-15

"Elder" In the setting is a vampire who has lived for about 300+ years, a generation can be any weak -blooded, so letting us play for the 12th generation elder is not some kind of non -fulfilling task, the same galeb from Swansong, if the games recall, 309 years old, the tenth generation, the oldest There are very few left in the city (in the new edition of old vampires, everyone goes to "call") And "elder" According to the setting

Caityphus is not necessarily weak -blooded, Caityphus – without sira, does not know his clan or slightly bloody without pronounced clan features
In the old edition of Caitifa Shabash, in general, in the Third Civil War, the right to be called the right to be called a separate clan named his leader Joseph Pander (Panders,

CRC if Cain will personally turn the GG right during the game, then the GG will not be considered antediluvian, it will be all the same neonat, simply out of place and vice versa, the vampire has lived 300+ years, but with, for example, the 12th generation will still be an elder whose old will be the elder respect and with which you will have to reckon

The elder is a vampire from 300 years, there is already a call of such ones, it does not depend on the generation, although it cannot be physically below, the faint of the last nights is a weak -term, although you usually can not meet such below the 10th. In the 1st Blades, we had an elite 7e generation. Yes, and at the time of the release of the 13th, the 13th was already weak -blooded, these are now 13 still full -fledged vampires and all who are lower than weak -blooding. Caithif is not necessarily a weak -blooding, it can also be a vampire without sira and the opportunity to determine the belonging of the clan, and there may also be a real Caithifa vampire to whom "Lucky" He became a vampire, but the clan prolapse did not inherit.

It was necessary to give these guys to make a RIMAK of the First Blagli. If they did it, then did the second part, and so without experience a strange undertaking generally.

Very beautiful art, I hope the game will receive English subtitles.

what kind of music in the trailer?

So MB, after a long sleep, arranged his abilities and he will need to re -pump and restore his authority.

This is too obvious. We have RPG! And games where you are not complete zero at the start in the RPG genre I don’t know yet.

Well, art, in my opinion excellent, very very atmospheric.. I have moderate optimism.

Well, there are two options: this will result in an extremely suitable RPG component, or it will not be at all

The gameplay itself with a limited selection of skills, which affects the style of passage, should be left. If only the balance was. Why come up with a bicycle and break something, I hope not fools. And whether interesting dialogs and options for the development of the plot will write another question.

And those who are waiting for the continuation of the first story are fucking?

and what kind of call of the 4-5 generations about which everyone in the comments is said?

The problem will not be that the vampire is the oldest, but that according to the idea he should know more than now living vampires and player. Only amnesia and flashbacks will save the narrative during the passage

As for me – a competent decision to get away from ugly decisions to turn GG not just into a nud, but also into a noob of weakly blood because in VTM these are generally finished cosses (not really a summons in defense of wretched and offended?) who hate and cheer – all.

However, something is embarrassed by the choice of the scene – Seattle. I know this city? Yes? Often he was seen in films? Know his attractions advertised by Hollywood? No? Here I am, besides the famous UFO restaurant, I don’t know anything in it and I think – I’m not the only one like.

What is Los Angeles, this is a very motley place-the famous Venis Beach, Santa Monica Pierce, Hollywood Hills, Tyuna Town, Nigga-Gangsters and Latinos.. All these places are a mercenary for the plot, quests and stories.
The city of Detroit, as it is now stelled by Yankees by calling Detroit – DeadRoit. The perfect place for the apocalypse. Or Chicago – the city of the mafia and crime; New York with its concrete jungle and rich areas and suburbs. On the edge of Miami, Las Vegas – all these are colorful cities but, Seattle? What the game will be about – about shaking in an unremarkable city.

Los Angeles was an ideal choice for the game about modernity. Further, the VTMB 1 were about the 90s – zero and all this was beaten in technology – computers on DOS type operating rooms, classic means of communication, etc.P. And all this was just realized. As now in the eyelids with a smartphone and the total Internet, the outfits will realize all this?

Further, the ancient vampire. I think it will be beaten – I slept for a long time, the bones were numb, we have to recover, t.e. The same pumping from scratch to Uber Naibator but, an ancient vampire in VTM is not just a grandfather with a sand from the ass, this is a vampire in generation t.e. close to the first generation T.e. The vampire is older, the closer to the big folder and the stronger he is in every sense.
For example, ancient lasa could overshadow the sun itself – arranging an eternal night on Earth. Raspers will take the statute of an ancient vampire in a player so that it would not seem that they are crap?

Next – rotten 5th edition, which literally seeks to level all vampire clans taking their clan disciplines from them.. For example, the same lasobe seems to have lost their clan ability to control darkness. Tremers – vampire magicians – packed their Taumurgy, which was protected by the bega like the apple of an eye and now it is available to all vampires.

Characters. 5th edition is the apogee of edorastism and SJW in their pure manifestation. Strong and independent Muslim bloodsucker – tearing the werewolves of one left, some kind of homosexual in the plot signed up and in general – from some fright, all the bloodsuckers rushed to the Middle East, yielding to some kind of calling.. Against the background of the 3rd edition (on which the first part of the game was made in many ways), the 5th edition is just some kind "a madhouse and Gamora".
All this story-beard deer will be realized in the second part of the game.

Here all these questions should be an answer because the understanding depends on them – is it worth it to contact the second part. If a hot 40% of the 5th editions will be implemented in the second part, then the game can be safely played because it will like it exclusively unfamiliar with hunchief WOD tolerasts and liberals.