Official announcement Genshin Impact 3.7 – events, banners and new promotional codes from broadcasting

Today there was a stream of developers, which confirmed the release of a new character (finally a real cat-girl, not a fake). The exit of the update should take place on May 24, and it will become penultimate before the release of the new region.

The main event of the new update will be a large tournament in the sacred prize of seven. In addition to the activities of players, acquaintance with a new character from Fontaine – reporter Charlotte will be expected.

As part of the event related to the tournament, chains of several activities will be available. This is a familiar race from a point to a point, playing cards, a battle on the arena with random buffs and the return of the puzzle with mechanisms. The final reward will be a four -star onion. And also all four archons and a number of new monsters cards are added to the card game!

Update 3.7 will delight all lovers of the card game inside Genshin Impact with new game modes, including tournament PVP.

Two-high nekomat-courier Kirara will become available from the first phase of banners. This is 4* Dendero-Deval elemental skill, with a brief press, it creates not a particularly strong shield. A long press turns a curera into a box-cowing box, which can withstand much more damage. The explosion of the elements creates several dendro-bombs, Kotoyre explode when entering the opponents or after the timer, applying dendro-abdominal.

Yoimiy and Yae Miko participate in the banners of the first half, and in the second half of Cazuha and Alhaytami. By the way, in addition to Reran, Yoimiy will be continued by his chain of tasks. The new meeting will be available from the start of the update and it is dedicated to the Kavehu.

In the second half of the player update, the labyrinth with mechanisms awaits the return of the labyrinth. This is a fairly old, but interesting activity that will greatly diversify the fulfillment of daily tasks in anticipation of content.

Remember how players had to fight cubes half a year ago? Now a similar eve will take place with the participation of world bosses. Three difficulty levels will be available for each. Victory on the lightest guarantees the receipt. Those who do not scare complexity can compete for some elevation materials.

The event will return "Examination of electrics", in which you have to fight on the arenas and "photograph" opponents, to obtain strengthening.

Promo codes from broadcasting:

  • XT82F8JZS4TR – 100 stones of the source and 10 magic reinforcement ore.
  • 2SRKFQ2YSMVV – 100 stones of the source and 5 heroes of the hero.
  • 5a92W9JZBLCH – 100 stones of the source and 50,000 mora.

You can activate promo on the official website, or in the game (settings -> Account). The validity of the codes expires on May 14 at 12:00 (MSC).