The TEA Garden Simulator tea is a strategic simulator in August 15

The developer Flying Robot Studios and the publisher of the SYS Games LLP said that the TEA Garden Simulator sewage simulator will come out of early access on August 15, 2023. You can step into the exciting world of growing and processing tea.

Tea Garden Simulator offers you the opportunity to reveal the secrets of centuries -old exquisite teas, growing and controlling your own tea plantation. Develop and introduce your unique tea processing methods to create branded tea brands with unique technological chains. Sell ​​handmade tea in your own tea store and watch how your empire grows. But beware of problems such as pests, weather fluctuations and problems with irrigation that can either help or destroy your enterprise.

Explore a wide range of functions and a mechanic, including:

  • Variety of tea: produce various types of tea, including white, green, oolun, black and others.
  • Terruar’s choice: Analyze the properties of the soil and choose the perfect terraoir for your tea farm to ensure first -class tea quality.
  • Earth preparation: Prepare the Earth using various fertilizers for optimal tea growing.
  • Clones with consequences: choose clones from a variety of bank, each with their pros and cons of. Make strategic decisions based on the properties, suitability of the type of tea, adaptability and taste trends.
  • Planning and promotion: organize working graphs and advance on the game week after week
  • Harvesting time: make reasonable decisions about when to harvest based on the weather, growth conditions and the appearance of pests.
  • Pest fighting: protect your precious tea plants using special tools adapted to various pests and diseases.
  • Pruning and collection: gently cut or tear off tea leaves, choosing certain types for different teas using various methods.
  • Master the art of craft: go through the processes of preparing tea, from wagation to drying to create each type of tea with accuracy.
  • Control and quality: track and control each aspect of processing using a simulated leaf inspector, providing maximum quality.
  • Authentic simulation: benefit from real chemistry of tea thanks to the knowledge of experts of well -known tea plantations, such as Chengmari Tea Gardens.
  • Create branded tea brands: develop your own unique branded tea brands and pay attention to details and packaging for maximum attractive.
  • Campaign and sandbox modes. Take up the campaign regime to master the basics, or plunge into the freedom of the sandbox regime.
  • Unlock achievements: earn various achievements from the point of view of business and tea skills.

You can play the demo version of Tea Garden Simulator, which is already available on Steam. Two tea seasons are unlocked in demoovement so that you can try most of its functions.