Payday 3 lost 90% of Steam players in less than a month

Despite the various technical problems that arose at the start, Payday 3 overcame the mark of 3 million in the first weeks of existence. players, which was a great beginning for the Starbreeze Studios project. However, it seems that the initial success has already become something out of the ordinary, at least in Steam.

By the number of simultaneously active players in Payday 3, a 90 percent fall is observed compared to peak indicators reached on the first day: at the moment the novelty is in 153rd place in the ranking of the most played games in Steam, while Payday 2, to the surprise of many, gaining new popularity among users of Valve platform, demonstrating much higher activity than its direct successor.

In more detail, Payday 3 reached a peak of 77,938 simultaneous active players on the day of launch of September 21 last year, and over the past 24 hours the game from Starbreeze has attracted only 8117 people, which is about 10.4% of what was recorded on the first day of the release. On the contrary, 54,790 people took part in Payday 2, which brought her to 29th place in the list of the most played games in Steam, ahead of the sequel to 124 positions.

Judging by user reviews, in Steam at Payday 2 "Very positive" rating, and Payday 3 – "mixed". Some players refer to the fact that Payday 3 does not always work online.

According to the developer of the game, the reason for some initial problems with the selection of players in Payday 3 was "Software update", released "a third -party partner for the selection of players". Starbreeze said she "evaluates the new partner for the selection of players and makes Payday 3 less dependent on online services".

Probably, technical problems and the current level of content have influenced the popularity of the game in Steam, but Starbreeze does not intend to stand still. The roadmap presents all DLC for Payday 3, as well as various updates that will more and more improve and enrich the game.