Fans filed a collective lawsuit due to DLC cancellation for Kotor 2 on Switch

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords was transferred to Switch last year. The announcement said that the DLC will be available to the Restored Content mod, which is the best way to get acquainted with the classic role -playing game. However, due to the problems that arose behind the scenes, the release of the DLC was canceled.

Now fans are mobilized and file a collective lawsuit against the developer Aspyr Media and the publisher of Saber Interactive. Numerous fans participate in the lawsuit, who purchased Kotor 2 on Switch, claiming that they would not do this if not for the promised DLC. The lawsuit claims that Aspyr and Saber are legally obliged to ensure a refund, since some buyers claim that they did not even play the game, as they were waiting for restored content.

Case "Malahi Michelonis against Aspyr Media, Inc. and etc." You can see here, where it is indicated that it was submitted in July this year. Fans and their lawyer Ray Kim require a jury, and the defendants must respond to this requirement until October 4.

In 2022, the defendants [Aspyr and Saber] advertised Kotor among users of the Nintendo Switch video settings for more than ever before "Restored Content DLC". The plaintiff and many other consumers were delighted with the new content, which, according to the defendants, "will appear soon". Moreover, Kotor took first place in the rating of Nintendo online stores

"The plaintiff felt completely deceived. In fact, the plaintiff did not even play Kotor after his purchase, deciding to wait for DLC Restored Content.

It’s not so hard to believe. According to the general opinion of fans, you should only play with the established Restored Content mod, even if this is the first passage of the game. And this is not just the content that did not fit for the game, most of it was removed only due to a lack of time.

However, there are several points that prevent the plaintiffs from succeeding. Firstly, games and intra -game content are often canceled – this is the sad reality of the industry. In addition, even if the refund was not made, Aspyr offered to the victim fans a copy of the Kotor 2 in Steam, where you can play for free, or in general another game "Star Wars".