Fuel & Faith update for survival in the open world with elements of Terminus: Zombie Survivors

The developer of INGEON Games announced the upcoming issue of version 0.9.8 “Fuel & Faith Update ”for Terminus: Zombie Survivors, survival games in the open world with elements of a sling, the action of which takes place among a zombie apocalypse.

Update “Fuel & Faith “, which will come out all over the world on June 2, promotes the game in early access, bringing it closer to the full release. The update is filled with exciting new functions, including, among other things, the addition of a car fuel system, expanded locations, a new profession of pastor for characters’ roles, a function of saving products, an improved inventory system and new sandbox parameters.

Terminus: Zombie Survivors occupies a niche in the genre of 2D rogalists for survival, combining dynamic gameplay and strategic survival. Against the background of a zombie apocalypse, players travel around the open world and make strategic decisions on the way to the final goal of the game, the terminus.

Fuel update & Faith adds a new level of complexity to the survival mechanics in the game. The introduction of the fuel system requires the players careful fuel management of their car, the most important resource for survival. Players will need to plan their research and movement so that at a critical moment they do not end in fuel.

In addition, the inclusion of three new locations – a gas station, a clothing store and church – offers new resources and strategic capabilities. Each location presents unique trials and awards, expanding the strategic capabilities available to the player.

The new pastor profession in the game offers unique ways to support surviving. Through prayers and sermons, the pastor can instill hope and resistance in the face of a zombie apocalypse, adding an intriguing new dimension to the gameplay.

Resource management was additionally improved due to the addition of generators and the function of saving products, and the inventory management was updated due to new bags designed to reduce the weight of the inventory, and add new furniture storage options.

Moreover, players now have even more opportunities for personalizing their experience in the terminus. With the introduction of new sandbox parameters, players can adjust the number of locations and the amount of car fuel in the game, additionally adjusting the complexity and complexity of their survival experience.