Sega presented several new details about the recently announced reboots of five classic series

SEGA has presented several new details about the recently announced reboots of five classic series.

At The Game Awards this month, the company said that the new parts of the Jet Set Radio, Streets of Rage, Golden Ax, Shinobi and Crazy Taxi series.

In the slide presented last week at a meeting of the leadership, SEGA reported several additional details about the upcoming games, which were described as follows:

  • Crazy Taxi: Innovative and fresh driving style! The vigorous sense of freedom x the merger of nature and the city, discover the new stage of Crazy City for yourself!
  • Jet Set Radio: "Counteoculture". Open World of Tokyo Streets.Take part in the movement "Rebel", which feels free in a suffocating society. Make friends, increase the number of your fans and create a movement!
  • Shinobi :: Destroy enemies in the silence of the moment. Run around the world Shinobi, complete monsters and ninja. Take the outfit, the legendary sword, and again fight evil. Your clan and the whole world are counting on you.
  • Golden Ax: Warriors rebel to pacify demons! Win enemies with various attacks with the help of swords and magic! The legendary story about the combat ax "Golden ax" It will be about to begin!
  • Streets of Rage Revolution: Favorite Sidskroilling Beeat ‘Em upshe! Take control of one of the former officers and make the city a place where people no longer have to walk along "The streets of rage".

Using a slogan "Power The Next Level", Sega released a debut trailer showing all five games in action, at the beginning of this month.

In April, shots of what, apparently, was a restart or remaster Jet Set Radio, leaked to the network.

Last year, Bloomberg has already reported that SEGA, according to sources, is working on large -budget reloads Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio.