Hogwarts Legacy became the best -selling game of 2023 in the United States

Despite the fact that the game did not receive nominations on The Game Awards, Hogwarts Legacy became one of the best -selling games of 2023. Last year, the game diverged more than 22 million copies, ahead of industry giants as Call of Duty.

In the UK, she took first place as the best -selling physical game in the region over the past year. As expected, in the USA the results are not very different. Last year, Hogwarts Legacy also became the best -selling game.

This report is provided by Mat Piskatella, who works in Circana and monthly publishes data on the best -selling games in the United States.

Hogwarts Legacy became the best -selling game in this region last year both in digital and physical format. Be it on PlayStation, Steam or Xbox, adaptation "Harry Potter" single -handedly took first place.

Since 2008, Call of Duty and Rockstar dominate this position. Thus, the release of Avalanche Software was the first game to interrupt this strip, pushing Modern Warfare 3 to the second position.

Other large releases, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, completed the year in 4th place. In another place Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is in 5th place, but digital sales in the case of Zelda are not taken into account.

Interestingly, Hogwarts Legacy also became the largest PlayStation game in 2023. While Spider-Man 2 set a new record at the start, it was released much later this year and became the second best-selling game on PlayStation.

For many years, fans have dreamed of plunging into the magical world of Harry Potter through an interactive game environment. Hogwarts Legacy filled this void, and it was supposed to be successful. However, no one expected that last year the game would become so large -scale. In fact, this success was so unprecedented that Warner Bros was surprised by the results.

After such success, Warner Bros has a new interest in the gaming industry. The sequel to Hogwarts Legacy seems to have already begun to be developed, and the studio confirmed plans to expand this IP due to new games in the future.

The game is gorgeous, I like everything. I waited for a voice acting in English and started playing, we cannot tear ourselves for the third week. Graphics, design, music, the world as a whole, gameplay. Well, maybe the plot is so, but in general we just arrive in the role of a student in the world of Harry, and we will do what they tell us, great)

The game is very beautiful, yes. But here are gameplay, characters, plot, interaction with the world or situations – complete slag. So lazy game in terms of mechanic. A purely graphic-competing project

As for me, only the plot in the game is bad and closer to the end, and the world, the gameplay was a successful for fame even 600 colences were not so frightened, some kind of magic in the game is

Well xs. At the expense of gameplay. He is quite good. Responsive. There are pleasant notes in it. Of course you can much better.

But the main problem is the plot. This is what the game sags very much compared to other parts of the game.

Whether this is understood. In the second part we will see.

I don’t understand lunges towards gameplay. It is very good, especially when there are a lot of spells and all the calculations are unlocked.

Juggling spells begins directly. Moreover, unlike other actioners, the magic is different here, and not just shots with multi -colored energy with different damage. Here all spells have their effects.

Do not bring nonsense. gameplay just like it should be in the world of wizards. what did you expect? that they will shoot from AK47? or step by step by step through the cube to determine? What gameplay do you need for a teenager with a magic wand on the territory of Hogwarts? Naturally, there are magical battles, the study of Hogwarts and his environment, communication with the locals and the study of subjects. The characters are cool. In the manner of the first book about GP. The plot is interesting and at the same time not violating the canonical ENT. also with interesting turns.

you are generally playing a stalker. Do you stutter about the gameplay plot of characters and interactive with the world? And this is at least! About the fact that you are signed on Strey Souls, I’m generally silent. also RDR to heap. Lord, well, laughing. With such subscriptions Hogwarts hawk? It is better for you with such and subscriptions to sit and not to shine at all, so as not to put yourself on the laughing stock!

what is wrong with the plot. it is interesting and spinned in places. Che is wrong?

I hope SZHV community reads it too, but the bitch is sobbing

So Hogwarts is the maximum game, there is even a transgender there.

English community transgender, genderquires, agents are very happy

This is the company’s company together to cancel the Hogwarts, and the articles that illuminate this was enough, but this did not interfere with the impeccable success of the project, this is what I meant

The game in places is children’s and girls, but it is interesting to play, especially with English voice acting.

And what is she girlfriend? that Matyukov and the neckline is not before the crotch?

At first, Britain now, the United States, remains to become the best sold in UK, after Troubles Certainly.

Well, yes, the game that is in a base without patches is not playable, flies away, t.e. Thunder unicin past .

I have a pirate on February 2023 and nothing will fly out. Flies out only due to the overflow of video memory. It is necessary or a lot of RAM or virtual memory to make unlimited in Windows.

It is significant that the dummy in a cult wrap is more sold than just dummies. So people are on a bright candy wrapper.

The lover of Stalker, Batlefield, Solda and other gyvna said.

this game is very well made. According to the lorus, everything is fully observed. And those few inconsistencies that may arise in fans are explained immediately in the game. All that the fans of this universe wanted they received at the same time at the level of which was shown and told in films and books. The plot of the game is good too. Original and interesting. gameplay exactly what the gameplay in the world Harry Potter should be. interactive, diverse and funny.

So there is no need to give out your opinion about the game as the truth in the last instance but the wrong ones who disagree with it by definition. This game is primarily for fans of the universe! So you don’t have to hack the game here only because you don’t like the universe.

On the contrary, I am a fan of the Harry Potter universe, and therefore I say that the game is a dummy in a cult wrapping with a low-calorie plot about a nitacusic accelerate and gameplay of a mobile game.

But I’m not the fan that is enough to give "The opportunity to walk around Hogwarts" so that his pants are already getting wet, and he himself began to be written with boiling water of delight. I have seen a lot, it is difficult to impress me with mediocrity and my requirements are higher than that less experienced and versed people.

If you think that the authenticity of one of the best book and cinema should be sacrificed for the sake of conditional fun, when your character in an outfit from a children’s matinee bullets with unforgivable spells to the right and left, and the world does not react to this when all around the students behind a rare The exception is cute friendly cheesecakes (and I remind you that the main character was an ordinary and often despicable magn up to his fifteenth birthday), which, well, will definitely help a stranger who has arrived almost from another world, when there is not even a hint of a traditional competition between faculties and All rare lesson is often ordinary katsets. If you think that all this does not matter, then, of course, yes, for you it will be great, or maybe even the greatest and impeccable game. But I, as a fan of this universe, cannot approve and accept such changes.

What reactions do you need? Plant in Azkaban? Break a wand? Do not forget that this is a children’s game with your game conventions! Secondly, we are immediately entering the fifth year so that magical control may not yet be established for us as in the usual case. Plus, we have special privileges in connection with our gift and position in the world of magicians (possession of ancient magic). Plus in the game there is a war with a void, and unforgivable can be legalized towards him and his supporters as it was during the first magical war. you just do not want to look for an explanation to such nuances in principle. like a ishak who saw an obstacle and does not even try to get around it.

Regarding blood purity, we do not know what gg it is. But on the basis of the fact that the owners of ancient magic come from one ancient family who spread to other magical families, then the th at least half a bloodart and a maximum purebred. So the option with mudblood and even more so by the magnet is not even considered.

And what competitions and classes do you need? Like in a simulator of a real school? Lesson schedule, time classes, homesher, daily routine, punishment for misconduct and the like? Do not forget that we play the game. and the task of developing to show an interesting gameplay and not create a schoolboy simulator. Plus, everything can again be explained by what we are in a special account at school according to our abilities and patronage of Professor Fig. We have our own training program that sometimes intersects with the program of ordinary students in the form of joint lessons. I myself was one quarter on individual schooling at school and that was exactly what it was. I had my own schedule on which they dealt with me alone, and sometimes the lessons coincided with the class behind which I was fixed. So there is nothing surprising in such a schedule. And regarding the competition of faculties and the school Cup, I was also not clear to me, it was also not clear to me while reading and watching films. What is the use of this victory? Well, I won there some faculty and what’s next? what is the prize besides this ephemeral cup of which no one has ever seen? There are no, financial or any other material award in the exams of concessions to the faculty. status, this does not affect the students on anything. I learn me at Hogwarts, there would be a competition for this and these glasses to a lilac star! Minus 50 points Slytherin? Lord, for God’s sake, at least 700. It does not sway at all. I am in Hogwarts to study objects and the castle itself and not to collect glasses like likes in insta from which zero is zero. and usually they do not help us in something, but we help someone. And since we are here the first year, it is logical that we will go to any request. But again, after fulfilling the request, we ourselves decide what to do with the found plus tanks for example: give to sell to leave for ourselves. All this friendliness is focused on the fact that this is a cheerful relaxed game. Gloom and cruelty are enough in the plot part and quest line Sebastian. All that you have listed is the same restrictions for the game with which to study the world of the game would be impossible. I personally, being in Hogwarts, would like to study and use unforgivable spells (naturally with appropriate situations and not for everyone in a row). You will do a lot of a dense schedule of lessons, homework and a tough set of rules? hardly. The game is designed to entertain and not artificially limit the player.

and let’s not be shining. He saw a lot. Yes, I don’t have enough to smear what you saw for bread. You were in the British Museum of the GP? you have goods Nobel GP? You and John personally saw? And with films actors? Hardly at least something of this. Surely your maximum is the reading and protection of fan fictions considering them worthy "creativity" fans, and walking through Quiz about GP.