The actress of the silence from Metal Gear Solid 5 spoke about the sexualization of the heroine: “I respect the choice of kodzima”

Stefani Josten, an actress who played silently in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, said that video games are a fantastic world, so this "exponential" The image of the heroine does not raise questions, while she understands the opposite point of view.

Silently became the center of the discussion about the excessive sexualization of women in video games and the media as a whole due to the fact that her heroine, despite the fact that she is a military killer, wears only a bikini.

It was interesting to observe discussions about this character. Of course, I saw them and read many different points of view on the character at that time. And yet I respect the choice made by Kodzima and his team when creating a character.

In addition, of course, there is also just a choice in favor of creating a visually attractive character. I think that video games are, in a way, still a fantastic world that you fall into, so I definitely respect the choice regarding, for example, the appearance of the silently, which can be quite frank.

Hideo Kojima said that at one time he considered the character to be very progressive, saying before the exit of the game that he created it "as an antithesis" female characters presented in video games of the past. According to him, when critics learn about the plot reasons for such a frank outfit of the Silent, they "will be ashamed of his words and actions".

As explained in Metal Gear Solid 5, there are so little dressed because she received serious injuries when trying to kill the protagonist Big Boss at the very beginning of the game. These injuries are not visible, but it can only breathe and drink through the skin, so wearing too large clothing can lead to suffocation.

According to critics, this is not enough to justify that silence wears so little clothes, because the authors of Metal Gear Solid 5 could create any background for the character. In their opinion, instead, the character was objectified and used as a product, in particular, the figures of the silent chest with the soft breasts, which was advertised by Kodzima himself.