Remnant 2 developers thanked the players for a warm welcome and promised to improve performance

The gloomy shooter accepted with great enthusiasm is the second best -selling game in Steam, rising to 14 positions compared to last week. Remnant 2 launch on Valve’s platform was very successful: the number of simultaneous players is almost twice as much as Remnant: from the ashes at the time of launch. At the time of publication of the post, Remnant 2 took 12th place in the list of the most popular games on Steam with 53,848 simultaneous players and a peak indicator 82,872.

Gunfire Games developers said they "grateful" And "Grateful" for the positive reaction of the community, while recognizing that "A small part" players faced some mistakes.

"We know that mistakes and glitches can upset and prevent you from enjoying the game", – wrote on his blog the director of the development of Ben Gabbard. We are very serious about these problems, and our team is working on their identification and elimination as quickly as possible".

From the moment of launch we have already eliminated some early problems, such as progressive blockies in the labyrinth and a web of the night wolf, as well as problems with the puzzle of Waterharp. We will continue to work to eliminate the remaining problems in the coming days and weeks.

Gabbard spoke about some problems that Gunfire is currently working on:

  • Increased overall performance
  • Elimination of failures and problems with high -performance systems
  • Eliminating problems with traits system
  • Other progressive and missing objects
  • And other corrections

Some of these corrections will be released in the near future. Gunfire warned the players on his tweet so that they did not use the sphere of untying if you have negative points of characteristics, otherwise these glasses will disappear forever.

Thank you for your support and understanding", – Gabbard continued. "We intend to make Remnant 2 an unforgettable adventure for all players and will continue to modify and improve the game.