The creator of the original Fallout has a continuation design that he will not tell anyone about

Tim Kane, one of the leading developers of the first Fallout and the author of its original design, says that he has a secret plan to create a continuation that no one will ever see.

Just to cause salivation in people – I told people about it, because I will never talk about it – I have already developed Fallout. No one has ever seen the design – I did not even tell Leonard [Boyarsky, one of the key developers of the original Fallout] about design, because if they ever do it, I will know that this is a coincidence. But I already thought about what I want to do as the next Fallout. But he was never created. I can’t even imagine how this will happen, so it just sits in my head.

If you are not familiar with the history of Fallout, then it is somewhat confused. The original game was developed on InterPlay Entertainment, and its first sequel was made most of the same team after they moved to another interplay unit called Black Isle Studios. Black Isle worked on the version of Fallout 3 under the code name Van Buren, which was canceled in 2003 (but there is a demo on the Internet), a few years before Bethesda acquired a series and released Fallout 3, in which we eventually And they played.

In turn, Kane left InterPlay after the release of Fallout 2, so his secret continuation has no common features with Van Buren or Fallout 3 from Bethesda. Kane explains:

The team also has other people who have their own ideas – I’m talking about the original team – about what was supposed to be done in Fallout. In Fallout 2 this was not disclosed. Fallout 2 was made very quickly, so in Fallout 3, perhaps it would be disclosed much deeper..

Although Kane did not talk about his secret project, he nevertheless made several hints in which direction he thought to move. "It would be 3D. I would have visited different parts of the world. We said that since Fallout America was very saturated with American jingoism, we wanted to explore China and UK".