The development is the plot addition of “Dzhigrans” for allods online

Dzhigrain is a mysterious foggy allod with a rich history. Now is the capital of Sarnout, where in the city of Dar-Ulgorne his new ruler is sitting-Irkalla, the goddess of darkness, the named daughter of Nihaz, holding in his hands the brothers of power.

But what was the reason? What a series of unhappy accidents led to this position? It all started with the events in the world of Eden, where the heroes went on behalf of Veronika, in order to find her mother-the creator goddess, known as the surge. In the course of their adventures, they met another deity – Irkalla, the lord of death, who raised an uprising among the children of the vanity who did not want to die, but wanted to exist forever.

The flashed conflict forced us to agree to the terms of the expedition, and she went to meet with her daughter in Sarnaut. However, there the trap awaited her-Nihaz took advantage of the world-tie for the same purpose with which he once imprisoned Sarna.

Irkalle was instructed to monitor the survivor, but she also had where more grandiose plans. Considering the divine laws unfair, Ikallah decided to completely exterminate death, restore the split Sarnaut in a single planet and, then, finally defeat the deities of the world and the order that they want to free the prisoner creator.

The acts of the Irkallas changed Sarnaut – now no one is dying for good, even those who have not previously got into purgatory remain in the world. With them and myriads of those who were dying in previous eras. All of them are now awakened – and are preparing for subsequent resurrection.

Of course, not everyone manages to immediately appear in their body – this requires a considerable force that Irkalla takes from the great magicians. Each of them is now forced to redirect part of their efforts to recreate the bodies of previously dead.

However, not everyone likes what is happening. The most fierce enemy of Irkalla is the Church of the Light, and the most implacable among its parishioners is the templer Iero. Having occupied the Cathedral of Light on Dzhigran, by the power of his faith, he was able to create an impenetrable shield and a system of lighthouses, which did not allow the darkness to even approach their stronghold.

Not everything is safe and in the city of Dar-Ulgorn. A lot of sparks released by Ikalla from the Nihaz casket, pulled on Allod, waiting for the future resurrection. Those of them who had the strength to become ghosts suffer from the attack of distorted creatures – relics of ancient times, filled with magic of darkness.

The fact that not all resurrected at once caused a lot of discontent. It turned out that the resurrection depends on personal well -being – if you were healthy and happy during your lifetime, then you will be resurrected faster, and if you are poor and unhappy, then you will remain a ghost.

It would seem that the ghosts do not excite any of the living – Irkalla and the great magicians are not ready to revive them right now and are not going to improve their fate, and the church rejects them as the generation of unholy magic … Nobody needs them except themselves.

Now “awakened” is annoyed by a long expectation and dissatisfaction is ripening in their midst. Rejected both by light and darkness, they stopped believing in anything.

The energy of sparks is a necessary condition for the existence of ghosts, the key to the possibilities to keep your own mind intact and possess the will. It is not surprising that she became a means of buying and exchanging on the jigran. Even the living actively joined this trade, and “dead souls” are too weak sparks, still having a minimum of energy, turned into an object of hunting for them.

Dark creatures are various creatures distorted by darkness. Before the opening of Allod, it was believed that it was empty, however, as it turned out later, some still survived the necromancer plague. When Irkalla came to Dzhigrain, her magic involuntarily aroused the fellow creations, and after the ghosts began to be pulled out, these distorted creatures began their hunting on them. They feed on the energy of sparks, and any free spark for them is tidy food.

In order to fight with them, a whole army was created, recruited from those who have already come to life and vampires subordinated to Annet Di Tristes. But even they are afraid to meddle into the network of catacombs under the city, where, according to rumors, a mysterious madman lives, the kidnapper of other people’s sparks.

Only representatives of the old order of stars are not afraid of him, which, unlike the Church of the Light, actively helps “awakened”. One of them is Alyosha, will be your companion in this adventure.

And after the end of the exciting story on the jigran, travelers will be able to plunge with their heads into the life of the foggy capital, serve from the warriors of darkness and receive a reward for their work. A similar fee can be turned into new vestments, a decorative companion, a true horse or a variety of useful products to improve equipment.

In such a difficult matter as a service, the best assistants will be able to help you, which you can hire for a moderate fee. One of them has secret abilities that will help our hero become a little more well. And in the dark corners of our city, treacherous pungents lurked and victory over them will bring not only the glory of the winner, but also a little wealth.

In the future, travelers await not only new accomplishments, enemies and awards, but also the continuation of the history of the Great Dzhigran.

Only real heroes will be able to reveal all the riddles of the foggy city and save the inhabitants of the “capital of the shadows”!