The creators of the “Troubles” action showed a new gameplay and revealed some details of the game

The creators of the historical role action "Troubles" From the studio Cyberia Nova prepared "New Year’s gift to the boyars" In the form of a fresh diary of developers in which a little gameplay was shown and several details were revealed.

Main character "Troubles" It can try on images of shisha, warrior, mercenary and Sagittarius, which affect not only characteristics, affordable weapons and consumables, but also on the attitude of the surrounding characters and fractions to the hero.

The developers also promise that in the open world of the game, players will be able to stumble upon treasures with valuable weapons or consumables. However, there will always be a risk to face robbers or flocks of wolves. Locations, according to the producer of the game Andrei Belov, will be spacious.

The video was also attended by the blogger and publicist Klim Zhukov, who spoke about the appearance of the estate society of the period of the Time of Troubles in UK and about the armament of the soldiers of that time.

The release of the game is scheduled for February 26, 2024.

and where the gameplay is all the old achievements of not a single new frame/

not a single similarity with Ghost Tsushima /

I have no player in general.

It is clear why. Vide from VK

Yes, VK video, I don’t have a player from the browser, the opera shows the player normally from the browser. So the point is not in the player, but in the browser.

What’s happened "testing" Do not know.

I also have, but MB is absent to happiness.

Actually, what was expected – mediocrity.

This is not bad, not terrible, it is mediocre.
Nefig was to bully the nose, now get criticized.
By the way, a lot is trembling in the VK group. Only delight remains "Wow, go ahead, this is our!" etc.

How do you imagine a presentation of the product? Well.. We.. They did something, it seems to go away, buy! Their advancement was not standing nearby with the advance of a cyberpan, just like everyone was praised their product, they do everything, tell me who does it differently?

-See the trailer for you (in the trailer 2d spells of pieces of forest in the air fly)
-The witch is terrible. (1st screening of the fighting with the words shock-kombo) (2nd show-where you can see how wooden it is)

-All this happens with money from the budget with an obvious attempt to drive everyone into VK plays, because we are stealing a bad, "Wallowing", But our project is patriotic. That only plays against him in fact.

The most sad thing is that the gameplay is not put at the head of everything. You look and you have nothing to catch on, but to the question "What could be interesting here?" You do not find an answer

I think the game would be released in Steam, but taking into account the current political situation, this is impossible. I disagree with stone in the garden. Where to release them still to release? Not on discs.

The witch budget is ten times more than that of the Troubles. Who is waiting for something good in terms of RPG from Troubles? The atomics of the budget was at least 3 times more or there are no 5 -accurate data. The main thing is that it is interesting to run up to the plot

As for me, everything looks very cool. Where you have seen mediocrity there, I don’t understand. Graphics are about 3, which is very cool, because such a graphon even today in 2023, not all games are being pulled.

The fact that the fighting in the witches is terrible, here with the development you can partially agree. There are a lot of problems in the witch in the witch, if you look closely. What I see in the Troubles fighting, at least looks good. Unless the abundance of special effects during the battle is enough, as in the same witches. Troubles of the campaign is meager for special effects. But in the rest of the aspects, judging by the affordable rare gameplay shots, the troubles are not much different from modern top RPGs.

The same Starfield is much worse. Believe me, if you want, but on the frames of the gameplay of the turmoil even animation is much better than in Starfield. Given the difference in budgets, even a little ridiculous from the realization that the unrest with a minimum budget looks and is animated much better "AAAAAAAAAAAA Starfield".

Well, this is the usual comparison offhand. Just so that you understand how many other people see the turmoil.

Top AAA game Cyberpank 2077 on the far background is also 2D sprites and you can see a similar situation. Does this make the game worse? No! And the unrest, too, will not become bad because of such nonsense.

Everything is interesting at all. Good fighting, judging by the gameplay personnel.

The presence of nonlinearity is exactly the thing for which it is now fashionable to deify Baldur’s Gate 3. It is the thing that many want to see in RPG.

Criticism must be justified. But you don’t criticize. So far you are finding fault, not criticize.

I do not agree. I believe that gameplay at the head. The basis of gameplay is nonlinearity, which depends on the chosen image of the hero. As a result, the same situations can be beaten in different ways. Troubles of the campaign intends to become a very reigree RPG. And the fighting looks good. So far, it reminds the battery from the last assassin. This is good!

I think where I saw him 🙂 In 2005 there was such a series not to be born beautiful, there was a stylist, one face

Even a moronic beard is the same

PC Boyars! Congratulations to everyone Happy New Year!

And you) I wish you in the New Year RTX 5090

Hmm, with optimization on the rollers so far is the trouble, and the third Gothic reminded me of the fighting))

Do not worry just the old build and everything will be corrected for the release🤣🤣🤣

The release from VK will be removed, and the studio will disappear from the country .

For the first project, I think this is not bad, many Polish studios released a bunch of mediocre low-quality games until they began to issue good games and not all and not always, I hope the guys from Cyberia Nova will earn good money and take up a new project, experience It is necessary to develop. Good luck Cyberia Nova!

this is not their first game you are what. After that, it will be possible to drain the studio renewal of Glavdir and bankruptcy.

And why did you decide so that you are a visionary, or to slander the others, you have absorbed with your mother’s milk?
And there is no point in doing this and lose their reputation, since they live here and work! But those two Yakuts that they threw with The Day Before, for a long time Citizens of Singapore, they had where to shit, and they had to spit on reputation in UK!

potential reputation, everyone starts with something.

What are you talking about? Their reputation fell when they created a page and began "Boyark" every post and join the clinch and scare away consumers who had at least some kind of interest in the product.

Belarusians were right ! PS put 3 bots and type to show the battles is what kind of huho. ?

even somehow the game is felt not 2024, but 2007-09 .Crooked, oblique

You remember corsars? 1 in 1 animation = D

The swing of the saber is so precisely.

This is not the first time about Corsal

03:31 Super-brown combat system, it did not even show it further in detail, it looks worse than the first witcher.

Not no worse. Just heh.Rovo

This is exactly the game of 2023-24? It feels like they began to do it back in the distant 2010. Complete hack. Count Middle, Combat Complete G. Animations are bottom. We add to this the lack of loot, nonlinearity and pumping, then who needs it at all in this form?

P.S. Summer minuses = number of fools before those who ordered it s I t. We calculate together =)

P.S.S. With the coming of everyone (who did not before ordering this S I T), the rest of the condolences.

1. Look at games with a large budget from eminent studios that came out this year or the past, where there are schedules? Far Tero6? what else was there and chic and chic, nichrome did not see. The fighter was medium, but they saw and worse, or did not sort out about the loot, well, no loot and no, this is not

"P.S. Summer minuses = number of fools before those who ordered it s I t. We calculate together =)"

that is, if you get in of the cons of it, then they give them a pre -order or how it works?

I especially liked it "You can get off the path and find a chest"! As if for an open world it is something unusual.

There is no need to talk about it? maybe not to talk about something else either? Well, for example, that there will be different types of weapons, as if for a game where you can shoot, this is something unusual..

Axiom does not require evidence. And you can’t lure such gamers. When in the long -awaited trailer or pre -evidence, they focus on small details, already causes suspicion.

Some kind of nonsense.. There is an open world in the game and we need to talk about it, about all its aspects. And if not, then trailers and descriptions to the games would look like this

We have an open world

We have firing mechanics

We have a plot and dopa

Even the cheapest marketing does not work like that.

It looks like much nicer.

We have an open world in which you can go where you look, move away from the main plot and explore endless expanses, fields and forests, look for treasures and treasures that can be hidden in different places. Where insidious bandits and all sorts of trials.

Forget the open world. Any RPG even pixel. The trailer looks more colorful than the game itself. The emphasis on the main character at the time of activity is accompanied by classical music. Pictures are replaced quickly enough so that the viewer can catch the nuances, but did not notice the errors. And all in action in motion, whether it be dialogue, battle, or love scene. An announcer with explanations appears, but immediately disappears behind the scenes. On the screen, the scan of the model, where it is quickly twisted showing how animation will work. — This is a word about marketing.

Gamers are very selective, they are tired of the old, looking for a new. And in "Troubles" Even the capabilities of the engine are not disclosed. Or more precisely this was not shown. The point of creating modifications if the game is bought by units. Well, so on the little things: new weapons, chests, clothes, or the absence of it, to the game, so they will add, not depending on whether the authors or not. 🙂

I wrote beautifully, and in this trailer, the disgusting faces of the announcements repel even more than the gameplay mechanics themselves. Immediately obvious, they gave development to people without taste and experience..

The name is justified! I vaguely see that I will play this game, very vaguely! How many frames are there? 15?

Kinematographic 24 on 3080 at 32 GB of RAM =)

With a hemlet, everything is vague.

Yes, here, in principle, everything is vague and some kind of soap.

Wooden is a feature of the Troubles?))

Could make a game about Pinocchio, there would be a woodenness to ride XD

Woodenness is a feature of Starfield

Just Starfield does not have this, but there are a lot of other problems))

Well, with wood, everything is ok, there is simply no variety of content, the world is empty. Let’s see how the troubles will be about this aspect. But it seems to me that as a result, we will get an empty, linear garbage without the possibility of choosing the ending of the plot based on your actions. So everything is predictable and banal.

Her feature is a bell of a barbel and a bunch of boyars show -offs, it was also necessary to call the channel for hype)). True, it is adequately difficult to judge, because they have not yet shown anything worthwhile and solid.

We cancel pre -orders! No faith! I will buy in fact if the game comes out worth.

why do pre -orders to do? Well this is dumb to dumb to promises.

get earlier than anyone, people have such an aesthetic pleasure to get everything at once

Well, in many games they give bonuses

Our miracle will come out right away. No one will give them third -party defense.

It’s like an atomic when "Link to torrent" sent to the VK store?
You will wait for such a miracle for a long time.

And who is waiting for her at all. This is not the first slag -bore compared to the witcher. Take the same King’s Bounty II which was also sent to the same level with a witcher

As they say, the game is made mainly from the ASSETS. In addition to drawn models there is nothing of your own.

The lack of smoothness of the transition between animations is sad – it looks torn and terrible for 2023!

They say that chickens are milking. In essence there is nothing to say?

A merged build for what month? Ah in March! well well! This one is old as g. But the build mammoth somehow allows you to draw some conclusions? Or after all, someone is somewhere "speaks" And this allows us to draw conclusions?

Since in essence on the release, it means that no speculation should be made, especially about the fact that supposedly "There is nothing of your own". Oh yes, I forgot to write that all games are made of ascets, the number of which reaches many hundreds of thousands in some games.

What has changed? Animation full bottom. 2023 do not pull at all.

Girl, your presence is noticed in all the latest discussions of this game. But from your comments it follows that the game is a full bottom and failure, you with perseverance worthy of better use, water it with slop. If everything is so bad with the game, then what you do in all these discussions? Found the most convenient goal for the flows of their expiring dirt? Take care of something positive, just build a salad right now, overturn the jar that you are drinking there, a jaguar or a bulldozer of some kind. With coming!

and what they have with their lips they talk or chew

But they say, do not talk with a packed mouth XD

This is so that no one can guess

Squalor with wooden animations.

Another attempt to sell slag, no thanks.

Of the pluses – locations and graphon as a whole – very atmospheric.

Controversial – fighting – while crookedly, there is not enough smoothness and speakers, facial animations – it is necessary to finalize, now not so much live facial expressions as just a stirring mouth during dialogs.

Watching the movement of the protagonist, the game reminded me of the RDR – the hero feels "heavy", unhurried, this is not bad and not good, a matter of taste, perhaps a tribute to no realism.

Well, the plot, quests and the fascination of the giimplaya in general are not yet possible to evaluate.

That is "And we will make ours "Ghost Tsusima", But without Blackjack and other things (in this case, the beauty of Japan, competent shadows and reflections)"

They can’t repeat Tsushima. They do not even have blood there with a fight, not to mention the dismemberment.

VK could not again))
FSBY garbage darkens to become Frendley.

at 03:26 All horses have tails spinning synchronously. Before the release of two months. ))

Tin, I did not notice. Just lol. And someone protects this creation. Well, I definitely cut the dough, as someone said in some kind of post.

There are a lot of synchronous moments, from horses to leaves and grass) but the most important thing is the facial animation =) Half Life Life was the first, it was right there) it was clear that in another wrapper, but very reminded)

Ok, where is the gameplay? It was a gapley. What a ha.VNO again fingering? On Klima Zhukov want to leave? Here even Dashkina’s boobs did not help

Assassins Creed: Tight

For some reason, all the characters constantly squinting their eyes. As I understand it, the developers are not going to correct this.

Trying to consider a ray of hope in the turmoil of this

They beat the rays of RTX in the eyes and soap graphics =)

Well, they seemed to assure that there were 3 lousy fights in the Witcher, and they will have everything ZBS.

I’m not passing!The very idea of ​​the Troubles as a game is uninteresting!IMHO

They had to take a neutral character, not constrained by the historical framework. Then it would be easier for them, because in fact we would have the opportunity to choose a party and morality. But they closed themselves as a historic. events. Choosing a significant figure. In normal RPGs, we grow from (hey, who you are, Nuka rush and bring me a pack of cigarettes) to (wow, this is the same mercenary who put a whole platoon in a couple of minutes). There is nowhere to grow. The character has already been formed and enclosed in a certain framework of the narrative. I don’t want to praise the anniversary. But they entered with their asasins smartly, moving the player to a certain historian. era and giving them neutral in essence of the characters. T.e. We see that era with our own eyes, but not on the face of some real historian. character. Therefore, they are not constrained in actions, morality and means. Well, + om is still a mesh -forerunner. They would take English fairy tales and the Vedas as a basis, in those worlds / era it would be much more interesting to play.

This is a gameplay of turmoil. When the game is released, most of the game Klim Sanych will also tell about the story? It seems on YouTube can be watched for free without pre -orders.

For its budget, which is more likely on indie, it looks quite not bad. Particularly impressed by graphics and atmosphere in the forest, when they talked about the opportunity to go another road.

But there is still a lot of work. I think they will either be postponed, or the revision will be after implementation.

All with the upcoming.

The main thing is that the wrap in the game is good

Judging by the video she is not yet

Crinjova fighting, facial animations – wooden. The budget of the project is visible from all the cracks. This game is still a year and a half of development and finishing, and not release in February.

The first time I hear about such a combat system, and who developed it and where and when it was used?

The picture is pretty but the unwillingness to demonstrate the gameplay is alarming.

By the way, yes, it’s not bad, but the video quality is terrible and all the frames are like a cut of different stages

I don’t really believe that something great will come out, but what the hell is not joking! Suddenly lucky.

A year ago, before the atomic exit, here some also did not believe that the atomic, in principle, could be considered a game, and one unique frame was so excited that an atomic is a hacks for 4 hours and without a budget, that he still has then hemorrhoids did not climb back.

Why is the fighting as if in slow mode??

It’s just that this is a cinematic mode, with blurring, the slope of the MO and the Kinematographic 24-.

In short, the developers have nothing to show from gameplay, since everything is crooked and inexpensive, there are no fights, there are no normal animations, and therefore they feed some fantasies of the bald head, how their game should look like. The campaign all the time and strength swelled to create locations, graphs, characters, hid the treasures around the world and threw out the NPS on them all kinds. But only recently they remembered the campaign that they did not have fights of normally completed and animations for the characters, some&B is obtained by animations, only that one can forgive this in favor of many other aspects of the game, and the troubles of the most important thing is what you need for a beautiful picture and gemple.

It would be better for a year to transfer the release and would have completed the norms of everything, the boyars would still suffer another year old)

I am waiting for the release to be reduced from fans

Take ready the finished animations is the same shame

It seems to me that they already bought % of 70 asesets, of which the game consists. But hamsters continue to protect this.

to Gothic 1, it seems according to the schedule and animation.

It’s a pity not according to the plot and sq. With pumping.

it is more to finish and finish it, there is a certain one, but here it is for another year, they seriously want to release it right now? it would be better to move, so that then not to meet a wave of criticism

They cannot transfer. They have obligations.

For some reason, I have the feeling that they were not going to do something sane. They collected presets, presented the state, for which they received finances. (Finance "Correct" The game is sacred). Thus, they have already repaid money and even earned. They now need to release at least something by the time not to violate the contract, and the quality does not care.

without many words

Game some

The game will have support for CPU instructions SSE 4.2 ?

In general, the game looks at The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, where by the way there was no open world.

For the English Gamdev and such a level is already something that at all nothing.

Let’s see what will come out in the end, maybe we will swim in the rivers on the rivers in AC.

And what ? Cyberpunk 2077 works on old CPU, but Troubles that cannot ?

I’m talking about a witcher 2. He went out in 2011. This is if that about comparing the troubles with him. T.e. The game of the 24th year in fact lagged behind 13 years =) and about support, the models will do everything. The question is, whether it will be at all edible and interesting in the 24th g.

The game of 2024 or 2011 is not important.

Now some developers are so clumsyly create games that they do not play better at all.

MK1, The Callisto Protocol

Well, the trouble will replenish their ranks. There can also be determined the scamfield.

Yes, this is not my computer just. This is me on my son’s computer, my girlfriend took off my girlfriend for Vidos)))

And here is politics? For example, the ghost of Tsusima is also a political hat?

And the ghost was created with the money of the Japanese government?

Yes, sure. Ghost tsusima political hat. One -sided, biased interpretation of historical information.

What is the difference on whose money is created? The question of which message is the game created on a historical basis.

Then there are no questions, apparently all one -sided for you, which is interpreted only one of the parties, along the course the developers had to make Spinoff on behalf of the Mongols to avoid "one -sidedness" your game.

Thank you, we can do without such a masterpiece. If the worms are recognized as a delicacy of the world tomorrow, you will begin to eat them?

what a thin self -irony, obviously in fairy tales you live)))

hmmm. I liked the locations of the forest and the atmosphere of the game, normal and interesting and interesting. As for the fighting and gameplay, I think the inconspication will finalize. Open locations of the world too +. I think the outfits will try to make the game interesting and delaying

They already said that they finalized the fighting, and they say they do not understand the complaints about it.

Well, if so, then they showed very little fights

And there is nothing to show. Corsara or Gothic 1 level fight. Already the secto or ghost of Tsushima in terms of the fighting will definitely not be there.

They showed little, some conversations

Where they said this? There is a link?

It looks as if the game was made for the sake of jokes to just neighing.

Rus against pllls =)

I wonder if the Sandwich cream will later criticize the game when it comes out.

E *** when it exits (if,, it, it will come out), it is crap on the slogan than the notorious vynger from the smiling Yakuts! Ha ha ha .

Be careful, look yourself do not care

Yes, it has already allowed before the exit. Only stupid does not understand this.

Klim Zhukov is friends with Puchkov, and Puchkov already had good games – so in theory, at least there is a hope that it will not be a complete trash.

Zhukov is so far from the development of games that just oh. It is only a historian and everything can help with historical moments.

The logic is certainly strange🤣 I am a plumber, but I am familiar with the dude who does the Mercedes, so I can also do Mercedes🤣🤣🤣 It doesn’t work like that.

Not well, if they communicate in a friendly manner, and one is involved in the development of games – the other can at least give advice, ask .. Another analogy – I understand the PC, my friend is going to buy details and collect it – what do you think will happen ? A friend will turn to me with advice and I will tell him what to do ..

Klim Zhukov does not apply to the development of turmoil, a consultant is not. Just a collaboration on the topic of historical videos. I would not touch on this unrest in the place of Sentvich and a five -meter stick.

ahhaha what a game and not a fight))

In short, I’m waiting. I don’t know what happens, someone says something from all sides, but what is it really not clear. The tenderloins are not very bad, at first glance, but it is important to try the product as a whole. I remember how they blocked the atomic heart, up to the fact that there is no game at all, but in the end they received a suitable product. I would like to believe that the product will shoot, but faith faithfully, but let’s see.

Another Buryat studio is preparing "breakthrough" of the year.

And this face Klimovskaya BBRRRRR. sick, good at least without a friend of his Goblinsky hdd

I didn’t understand why he was in the frame, just to take the broadcast and pull the time, well, and could put a clean T-shirt, it is not so good before the boyars))

He told some historical realities that will be transferred to the game. Look how simple when you turn on Moscow

Then the video would be released for 1 min. What to show there, crooked animations? Continuous water and nothing interesting.

here I am the same, they just let them know that they are alive and do something

"The developers also promise that in the open world of the game, players will be able to stumble upon treasures with valuable weapons or consumables. However, there will always be a risk to face robbers or flocks of wolves" – Mmm, cool. Racks are in the know in general that there is a witcher 3 where it has long been, and this is far from the only game where it is at all?
I’m watching a video for the second time and Figuy from the words of a development – you say you can go along the paths, and you can go into the forest and stumble upon some kind of treasure" – OK. Rubbanes are not aware that katsen resemble Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Witcher’s gameplay 3, and the terrain is similar to these two games and other RPGs in addition. But what a joke – "Images" can be changed in the game itself? That is, now I am a shooter, then I need to accept the image of the boyar for the quest and change clothes? A controversial solution, it happens in games. You choose the style of passage for your style – Assassin according to stealth, some kind of power fighter with an ax, a sorcerer with magic and so on. And the passage depends on this, another time you choose another hero and the passage will already be different. Although I doubt that there are many who want to play the second time in the turmoil

Well, right, all the best must be borrowed from the best, game mechanics swing from playing for more than 20 years, and it makes no sense to invent with a new wheel!

Depending on how to serve))

Kingdom COME: Deliverance – the eve of it in it at least the fighting is non -standard and it seems like a new one made a new one. At least some kind of originality) And here. It is a pity that just borrowing, then it would be better to do fantasy with some kinds of monsters, there would be an attempt to diversity of the game world

Yes, if they gave the game with the words – we decided to take it from one game, hoping that an interesting game with an original plot will turn out, because we tried – I would understand, but here they take and present the opinion of Klim Zhukov Zhukov Zhukov Zhukov Zhukov – It looks more that they want his opinion exactly "buy" The attention of the viewer. In this case, the presentation seems to be not bad, but still I do not see the game as an innovative

The next game will be made with monsters, the Witcher’s game also not from the first part became popular, but only to the third!
And about Kingdom Come, I have this game in Steam and EGS, and I am waiting for the continuation, but it will not be a campaign, it has been making too little!

Hide Himpley. Remove from Ekranov ETU Yakika, fuuuu stinks. Fu Fu Fu .

Cheliks clearly need to change the font, for instead "Troubles" Obviously visible "Huita". However, I’m not sure that this will radically change the situation

In 4k I would see, with this player poor quality video. I hope at least an assassin will reach the level

at least. at least!! that is, not at least at least but at least.It’s clear.

If only to the 1st and then you need to try.

We are waiting and hope that there will be something worthwhile, like atomic heart)

Do not flatter yourself, the outfits themselves said that do not expect a miracle as in an atomic.

Well, I wouldn’t wait, there is a discount on pre -order, support of 1 language, and the cost of a penny itself. I think the game is 1 time, I took clean the way I would like to run in the open world of the Slavic setting

Andryushka, do not toss up the bags of the bags, where the heimplay m?

Some kind of muddy scheme with images, but in any case you need to see, and then decide to sink or praise.

Hogvards went out in voice acting, I even deleted the old sow. And these are the next ha.They rolled out. Due to such idios.There x.they will rejoice that we do not have a game, but the number one product. Ugh

You are just like that.hunting

No. Just for the game is more likely. I was waiting for her straight, but exactly to the story with prefering. And the admins of the troubles are the place of normal answers, they only ban everyone in a row.

No matter how much they want to get rid of the Time of Trouble and their nuclear audience, and they have divorced a lot, and they are very actively shining everywhere like mice and rats. But the troubles look like a product that you want to play. This is not a high -budget long -building AAA Game forpoken, which looked at and it immediately became clear to you that the game is stillbidden.

Regardless of the quality of the game, the outfits set their ass for rotten financing. After this, they can only wish to merge like The Day Before.

Here I look at the turmoil, and it seems to me she is stillborn. Visually, it does not reach the 23-24th. Can be gameplay? No, there is nothing like that. They could not even make farm and pumping, but waved to the witcher and Tsushima, Nuno. Plot? Well x3. If the game does not add up to his visual and gameplay in the first few minutes, then for the sake of the plot it makes no sense. This is not RPG with dozens of endings and branches in the plot.

you still can’t calm down? On the basis of what you are discussing the gameplay and the plot if the game has not yet come out? You try to understand something – I write in capital letters – the game has not yet come out.

watering an unexplored game – delirium and go otism. However, if you pay attention to which characters support your "opinion", then everything is clear. This is in particular about a certain Zero Niks, who apparently writes his comments directly from the madhouse, and even a couple of likes are found in the discussions of the game. Girl, you got into a bad company.

There is such a thing, analytical thinking. I have been playing games for a very long time, as much as 8 years old. And I do not need to play the game to understand what it will be at the exit. Enough of the information that I have already read from the developers themselves. Of course I am too lazy to write, and it is unlikely that my message will come to you. But if at least one cheers-patriot after reading my opinion will look more critical to look at things, this +. Nus, let’s start.

1st game will be linear? Yes. Is it bad? I think not, but. There is always but. If you can’t take the plot and its branches, take the entertainment. She is? No, the game in terms of the visual of stars from the sky is not enough. Why do people play games with a bad visual? well, probably because of the capabilities in the gameplay and the developed RPG system? There is something like that? Well, since the OPEN VORLDA and pumping with the LUT will not, then there is nothing to do in the game except the development of the plot. But we cannot influence him. After all (Milosla’s good character, can not make nasty things) t.e. We are limited in our decisions due to the fact that the incisions took some historian. a person who cannot do otherwise, which prevented the usual mercenary and let the player create a character himself? X3. T.e. At the exit we will get a plot kinzo without beautiful graphics and animations. This could be forgiven, if in the game RPG system, OPEN VOLL and pumping. But it will not happen there either. What will happen by the result? What should make you play the game? The game attracts either the plot and influence on it, or an interesting gameplay, or visual and beautiful animations. What does this game offer this? Nothing. In general, there are excellent franchises that are worthy of revival: these are space raiders, star wolves, mechanoids, corsaras, expans, brigade, or the same truckers. But no, we will pump out another miserable garbage with a linear plot, because we cannot let you just beat people in the game. Already disgusting. ugh. Another propaganda garbage. Even play this-Zaskvar for free.