For role -playing game The Last Oricru has been released a large update that adds many new functions

Goldknights and Plaion announced today about a major update of the innovative role -playing game The Last Oricru. Available today on consoles and PCs, The Last Oricru – Final Cut adds many new functions and improvements to the quality of the game, which is available in digital format in Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Some of the interesting new functions include:

  • A more smooth increase in complexity, accessible to both beginner gamers and passionate lovers of role -playing games.
  • Presented an in -game map with navigation points and targets.
  • A completely new tint system, including short guidelines and opportunities for gamers, master the game mechanics.
  • Two completely new locations for research, full of new puzzles and bonus awards.
  • Huge update of the joint network game. Optimized network code provides more stable operation.
  • Improvements in battle include an improved parcel system and endurance management.
  • Improvements in battles with bosses throughout the game with a special emphasis on the last two bosses.
  • Steam Deck optimization for PC Gamers, providing smooth and stable work for lovers of mobile games.
  • New prices that ensure the exclusive ratio of price and quality.

The story of The Last Oricru – Final Cut takes place in the mysterious world of Vardenia, an alien planet located on the verge of a total war. Having displayed an interactive narrative to a new level, The Last Oricru – Final Cut is a fantasy world that combines the elements of science fiction and the Middle Ages, which provides exciting impressions like no other. In Vardenia, gamers take on the role of Silver, a hero who is destined to implement their fate in an epic adventure, which can be enjoyed both in solitary mode and in cooperative mode on the network or on the sofa.

The Last Oricru – Final Cut, first available at the end of 2022, is a rethinking of the game, supplemented by significant updates and providing an updated gameplay designed to offer a greater depth, new content and significant changes in the gameplay based on community reviews.