Not all fans of stellar wars are eager to return to Tatuin in Star Wars: Outlaws

Star Wars: Outlaws was one of the many reasons why the Sunday Xbox Showcase was held with a bang with most spectators. However, the gameplay of the game showed that we again have to visit Tatuin. And the fans are not enthusiastic.

Tatuin was one of the first planets presented in the series. It was there that we first met Luke Skywalker in "New hope". Presumably, it was a distant planet on which very few events took place. The perfect place to hide the young Jedi from Darth Vader. However, how many times we returned here in films, series and games suggests that Tatuin may well be the center.

Khan Solo was shown by the prisoners during the announcing trailer Outlaws, confirming that the events of the game will unfold between "The empire makes a response blow" And "The return of the Jedi". This means that Luke has long left, busy studying the Jedi paths and developing a plan to save his friend and destroy the empire in one fell swoop. Having removed him from the road, we will be able to make our own robbery, which will bring us back to a remote sand planet, which we visited in many shows, games and films, from "Ghostly threat" before "Knights of the old republic", "Mandalor" And everything that was between them.

The most common complaint is that in a fictional world that covers a whole galaxy, we repeatedly visit the same planet. One user expressed concisely: "There are millions of unexplored planets, why do we continue to return to Tatuin?".

Another fan asked if a visit to tatuin was a mandatory. The khan seen in the carbonite briefly makes it unlikely that tatuin can be skipped on his journey through Outlaws, regardless of how open the new Ubisoft game will be. On the other hand, Kijimi will become another planet that Kay Ves.

In defense Outlaws, we can say that the need to visit your favorite place from "Star Wars" – This is one of the few complaints of fans of the game. During today’s presentation, Ubisoft Forward was shown a gameplay, including it was shown that the players will have a charming little companion. It would not be a project on "Star Wars", If it had not had a new small creature that you can fall in love with.