In Blassphemous 2, they found a sad reference – in the game you can find the ghost of the dog from the first part

Blasphemous 2 and her predecessor have their own stake in secrets among many incomprehensible plot lines. Even the quests that these 2D-meter-metered Soulslikes are difficult to analyze because of the archaic language in which they are transmitted, and generally due to the features of the fantastic world Cvstodia. Therefore, the player’s understanding of the game can only be made of simple communication with the NPC, not to mention what fans in the network community will explain to him. However, some NPCs may be much simpler than it might seem in the traditional Souls-like game.

Fromsoftware rightly teaches players to be skeptical of any NPC incoming, so that he does not try to deceive them with a false sense of security or lure them into a real trap. But even in Fromsoftware games there is NPC, which exist just to become a humorous addition or add lightness and charm to the languid adventure of the player. It is this service that is provided by a cute dog in Blasphemous, although its return to the sequel is much more crushing.

The so -calledQ "Albro puppy" I rarely met in Blasphemous, and it could be stroked. It turned out that the dog can really restore the player’s health little by little, with each affectionate stroke. But the players were just glad that at random moments of visiting the Church a charming dog appears next to them, especially since her healing abilities mean little.

The lands on which the repentant travels is full of horrors and exhausting tests, and therefore players remember with tenderness when, returning home, they see an old friend who is also glad to see them. Similarly, the dog was named Nemo in its internal sprites in honor of one of the developer’s pets, who passed away, which gives NPC emotional significance besides that the game explains about it. With the release of Blassphemous 2 and all the secrets that the new part of the game is fraught with, it is not surprising that only a few fans know that the same dog can appear again, at least for a short time.

The dog can be seen at the beginning of the game, in particular, where the player first appears in the game, but, as in the original game, it appears extremely rarely. In addition, when it appears, it disappears almost instantly. It is noted that the action of Blassphemous 2 occurs after the millennium after the events of the original, so the appearance of the same dog can be an Easter egg – the ghost of a charming dog who has returned to say hello again again. It is sad, of course, not to be able to stroke the dog, but this is a useful reference, which many fans may not see in Blassphemous 2.