New Blog Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader is dedicated to the Wolfaru space wolf

In a small blog, OWLCAT Games spoke about the space paratrooper Ulfar, a formidable representative of the Order of the Space Wolves, who will be one of your fellow travelers in the upcoming CRPG Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader.

The enemies of the Imperium are numerous and terrifying, but among its defenders there are those who do not know fear. Those from whose souls he was spent severe trials, skilled hypnodes, decades of training and unshakable devotion to the emperor. Dressed in ceramitis and adamandy, armed with the best weapons of mankind, they step proudly, and in their huge, genetically advanced bodies the blood flows from the blood of the emperor himself. Cosmic paratroopers carry their vigil.

From the Order to the Order Culture, the customs and appearance of space paratroopers vary. Some fighting fraternities are few and little -known, others are innumerable and lead their history from the times of the Great Crusade. But few will be able to compete in glory with cosmic wolves – fierce and proud sons of Leman Russ, bloodthirsty hunters from the world Fenris. How their ancestors went out on the Drekkars into the harsh World Sea to beat Krakens and sea droves, so today they go into a sea of ​​voids to fight the vile and blasphemous enemies of the all -fat.

They go hunting trail. The angry Ulfar entered her many decades ago, and the bloody trail has been behind him since then. With a victorious howl, he enters into every fight without fear, because there is no fear of death for whose saga the brothers will be revered in the hall of the Great Wolf. His violent temper and youthful craving for glory and boasting did not cool the years of campaigns. His loud laughter inspires happiness in the hearts of ordinary mortals, and the harsh roar is horrified. His memory is tight, like a jaw of a wolf, holds a saga about every fighting brother and every feat of his feat.

But now his brothers are lost. Proud wolves did not return from hunting, and it is not unknown whether they are alive or feast with all the Father in his county. But Ulfar finds out, for such is he – not state, stubborn, by the department of instinct. If necessary, it will fly a bloody drill throughout the expanse of the coronus, but will find his flock. The emptiness will shudder in fright, hearing his fighting cry, and will return his stubborn ulfar his brothers!