The renewal of “New Enlisted” was released

On December 4, 2023, the historical online shooter Enlisted received a large -scale update that completely transforms the basis of the game.

The developers changed the concept of campaigns, proposing a simpler version of the participants. The study of research for Germany, the USA, the USSR and Japan has been implemented.

The matchmaking match has been significantly improved, historical authenticity has been preserved and the power of the weapons of the parties is taken into account. Thanks to changes in the economy, a single currency was created silver for the purchase and improvement of soldiers, weapons, equipment and equipment.

Completely processed the pumping of detachments and soldiers, now each fighter is adjusted in more detail.

Additionally, several weapons were introduced, improved sound, visual effects, and enemies, locations, editor.

And the game turned into some kind of feces.
Firstly, all the units merged into one pool, and now I have hz how to sort through this whole mess. Why it was impossible to cross the breath detachments and just change the skins depending on the map – it is incomprehensible.
Secondly, the rank system does not work at all – you will tear the rectal ring to knock out the detachments to the second rank, but I still discover the dudes with eardrum PPSh \ PPD from the fifth rank against myself. The question arises – but it was all necessary?
3) The dynamics of battles have increased, t.To. A soldier in a detachment in a stupid boomed for 5 stars and now universal super -enormous people with a pumped sprint fly along the field. But only if I wanted to play hyperdynamic Dryuchevo with tackle, then I played in battle or sorcerer.
4) from the last point – now all the soldiers are swinging one single template. Very interesting, very diverse. You can just remove the pumping so as not to spend time on this? Or make a blanch pump as a weapon – with obviously registered stats.

The update ruined everything, having stooped completely a desire to play this. 🙁

I want to play everything and try it, you can play it without donat as for example Chivalry 2 or Predator Hunting Grounds?

Chivka and predator are paid, there is no donation besides shmotism. ENSHANISTED FREE, I played a bit, a roller 10-15 – it seemed too easy, because instead of the players of bots at the initial stages shove, then I think the donate swings will begin, but this is a guess..

Well, at the beginning is possible. Then get ready to get against the detachments of the Chinese, it simply will not be.

Well, in general, I understand you all – but in general, advise or not?

Without donat, you can. The economy was even easier to make with this top, by the way. And they corrected the balance, it seems like that the newcomers would not leave the royal tigers. But it is worth remembering that this game is made in collaboration with Gaijin. Then, if you play too well, then you will then throw you to "Folds Nagibators 80 lvl", then again in normal conditions

Amendment: sends not to "Nagibators 80 lvv", and stupidly cuts the player. Visibility, damage, vitality of modules and crew – after a fat battle, this is all cut off from the player. Just after 6 frags in a row on the Swedish Hound Uzhtets in the next battle, I stupidly flew out, it was worth only leaving the respondent.

Unfortunately, ” Effective Managers ” continues to desperately finish this project. At first they have long and stubbornly Nerfili almost all of the content. Then the interface was killed in the trash. And finally they decided to finish off the atmosphere and entourage.

What the hell is historical authenticity if the royal tiger leaves for me in Stalingrad .

You go into the game to see that you finally corrected, at least BR, spitting out, and you think, but I need it all, there would be an opportunity to withdraw money spent, I would have already demolished it on x. Although there is no hand, but it stretches to delete this Mr "happened".

OU.. NOVENEM online game in my tape.. I certainly won’t try to play it in it..

Thank you for keeping up) but play in general, there is almost a free butterfield.