Eco -activists tore off the Tekken 7 tournament and accused the players of “leaving real problems”

The relatively calm everyday life of the Gamer community was violated by a strange and even aggressive action of environmental activists. Justice fighters from the Just Stop Oil group broke into the Tekken 7 tournament, where they interrupted the final match, damaging expensive equipment and accusing the players of ignoring modern problems.

The incident occurred at the EGX 2023 gaming exhibition, within which the Tekken 7 fighting tournament with a prize fund of 5,000 pounds was held. Right during the decisive battle between the finalists of Kaneandtrench and Joka, British environmental activists broke on the stage, who tore off the tournament. They doused the monitors and the scene with orange paint, which is why the organizers had to take a forced break for 45 minutes to replace the equipment.

Later, representatives of Just Stop Oil explained their act by the fact that people should not ‘move away from the real problems of our world’ into the game worlds.

Video games allow us to go into new and exciting measurements, but the physics of the real world is about to lead to the death of billions of people. If at this moment even more carbon enters the atmosphere, the game will be over. Gamers collaborate to win, and we need these skills to survive. Everyone should take a step forward and join civilian resistance against new oil and gas deposits, because this is not a game. Let’s unite to make this world safe so that we can return to the study of cyberspace.

Gamers, such a message, to put it mildly, did not appreciate. On social networks, users recalled that it was the game industry and ordinary players, including those of the leading wrestlers with pollution. Game studios create games where they teach to value nature, and they also sacrifice millions of dollars to preserve forests and animals. Players are actively involved in all this, both by donates and simple support.

Users saw the usual joke Stop Oil "provocation to attract attention", And the activists themselves once again proved that they are not engaged "salvation, but only spoil life to ordinary people" – summed up the overall result in the comments.