Baldur’s Gate 3 developers gave an answer to the fans, who called their Fanboy studio PlayStation

Baldur’s Gate 3 has become one of the best games of this year, having achieved great success on the PC and getting ready to get out on the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, Xbox gamers will have to wait a little more. On consoles, the game was announced only for the Sony platform, since Larian Studios faced difficulties in implementing a separate screen on the Xbox Series S and even received support from Microsoft itself to try to resolve the situation.

Some users on social networks began to accuse Larian that she "On the side of PlayStation in the war of consoles", It got to the point that they said that they would boycott the game when it finally appears on Xbox. Michael Daw, the publishing director of Larian Studios, in response to these comments stated that it would be better for the studio to release the game on all platforms, but it turned out to be impossible. Moreover, he hopes that Xbox gamers will revise their boycott when the game appears on their consoles.

User: When the game will be released at Xbox, it will be sold much worse than it should, I saw in some sources that there will be a boycott of this game, because you are on the side of the PlayStation in the console war.

Michael Daus: I respect your enthusiasm, but I would like you to understand that the most profitable situation for us would be the simultaneous release of the game on all platforms. We have no incentives to do otherwise. Unfortunately, this time it turned out to be impossible. I hope they will reconsider their decision as soon as it comes out.

Baldur’s Gate III is already available on a PC, and on September 6 will appear on PlayStation 5. The version for Xbox Series S | X has no release date yet.

However, the players of the Xbox Series X/S have another game that is worth paying attention to September 6. While the owners of PlayStation 5 will receive Baldur’s Gate 3, the owners of the Xbox Series X/S will receive Starfield, a new large -scale RPG from Bethesda.