For Baldur’s Gate 3, a second hotfix came out with a correction of about 300 errors

Baldur’s grandiose game Gate 3 received a second hotfix after leaving early access. Today’s update eliminates several failures, errors and much more. A new correction that eliminates almost 300 failures, locks and errors.

Over the weekend number of simultaneous users, Baldur’s Gate 3 in Steam exceeded 800,000 people, which surpassed our most daring expectations. Thanks for the BG3 entered the ten most popular games of all time in Steam! This is very important for us, and we will continue to read and observe everything that happens in the coming weeks.

Drolls and locks

  • Fixed a problem due to which it was possible to get stuck in the dialogue.
  • Fixed a potential error when rebooting the conservation made in the middle of the dialogue.
  • Fixed the inability to get into the twilight well if you have been preserved during the appearance of a tips on the screen.
  • Fixed error associated with the user interface.
  • Fixed a potential error while maintaining when you stood on the surface during the battle or in step -by -step mode.
  • Fixed a rare lock when loading the conservation made in the camp, because of which the party member appeared outside the camp.
  • Fixed a potential failure when choosing an option to stop listening to dialogue.
  • Fixed a potential failure when applying a dye to an object outside the inventory or non -traditional ways, for example, through a reward panel.
  • Fixed a potential failure in a multi -user game when the client concerns a relay on the Nautiloid and leaves the party, and then the host tries to open the Party View.
  • Fixed a potential error associated with the fact that the game tried to download the user interface for creating a character when you were no longer in the section "Character Creation".
  • Fixed a potential error associated with the appearance of pop -up tips in objects that give advantages in skills, but do not have the owner.
  • Fixed a rare Physx failure.
  • Fixed a rare error associated with the movement of objects.


  • Fixed long -term attenuation when listening to dialogs in a multiplayer game.


  • Penis C and D no longer crawl through the clothes of the GITIANS.
  • Gnoma men-male no longer lose their underwear.
  • Fixed an endless cycle that arose when using Minor Illusion spells, when the enemy and illusion have repeatedly entered the battle and came out of it.
  • Fixed that the necromets did not enter into battle with Keterik.
  • Fixed that the enemies on the top floor of Moonrise entered the battle with enemies on the lower floor.
  • The repeated appearance of the Dragon of OSS after the scene with gitnings at the mountain pass is fixed.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which in the book in the Moonrise towers instead of the correct contents the name of the internal variable was displayed.
  • Fixed a problem that did not allow to continue the battle with the boss Keterik.

User interface

  • The version number that was under the card was removed.
  • The stability of the user interface is increased by preventing possible failures and damage to saved files.


  • Fixed problems with rendering on Vulkan when turning the game.
  • Additional multiplayer servers and server scale support have been added.
  • Fixed an error that led to an incorrect update frequency if the game was not launched in full screen mode.


  • Fixed pauses and long silence in more than 200 dialogs.
  • Companions no longer block the camera in some dialogs.
  • Fixed the problem with the camera when you saw the nape of Gale when he asked you to put your hand on his chest.
  • Fixed a surge on Shadowheart when she heard the voice of the ball.
  • Fixed a situation when Gail in one of the dialogs held his hands on the oars.
  • The gaze of hex on the floor in the dialogue in the emerald grove was fixed.
  • Fixed camera blocking in a dialogue with Benrin in Waukeen’s Rest.
  • Fixed cliffs and other problems in the scene when you hear the voice of the Absolute when approaching the goblin camp.
  • Fixed the problem with the camera and the surfacing in the dialogue with the owl bear in his cave.
  • Fixed the sliding of the player’s legs in dialogue with Jaheira after the battle in Last Light.
  • Fixing the breakdown of one of the remarks of Astarion in the dialogue in the camp.
  • Fixed several problems with animation in dialogue after visiting the camp by Astarion acquaintances.
  • Fixed a pop -up screen for players with body type 4 in the scene with a poor liam in the goblin camp.
  • Fixed the problem with the camera in dialogue with Eddin, Andrik and Brinnaya in the forest.
  • Fixed rolling of the eye of the kai back a la "Exorcist" After the victory over the leaders of the goblins.
  • Fixed the problem with the positioning of Lorin in the Witch’s lair.
  • Fixed some moka in a conversation with Astarion.
  • Fixed heads of the head in the scene with francs in a desecrated village.
  • Fixed the animation of Vile’s head in dialogue with Florik in Last Light.
  • Fixed a situation where Skeleritas Fel is too close when he persuades a dark desire to make a certain misconduct.
  • Fixed the problem with the camera in the scene with radia at sunrise of the moon.
  • A slight surge was fixed when saving the asset Zariel for Mizora.
  • Fixed the problem of circumcising the hands and leaves of a witch in "Redhead mermaid".
  • Fixed some problems with the placement of characters in the endshop scene.
  • Fixed the problem with the camera for women gnomes in the dialogue at the sunrise of the moon, when something penetrates through the wall.
  • Fixing the golem of the flesh when talking with Balthazar.
  • Fixed the problem with the camera when talking with one of the wolves of Teresin in the nursery of Illek.
  • Fixed problems with the placement of characters in the scene with Molom and Raphael on a spear board in Last Light.
  • Fixed the problem with the placement of the characters, due to which Lae’zel swam over the edge of the Nautiloid.
  • Several errors corrected in dialogue with Bernard in the Arcances Tower.
  • Fixed the problem with the camera in the scene with the boat when you go to a specific pool.
  • Fixed a small problem with the Rowen Fist Mokap in Wyrm’s Crossing.
  • Fixed the incredulous look of the Mintars aside to the night after celebration in the camp.
  • Fixed the jumping out of the character’s head down when throwing a coin into a well in the village of Blythedov.
  • A slight surge is fixed when trying to take a twilight heart to convince you that it is needed in the goblin camp.
  • The expression on the face of Astarion in the dialogue with Gandrel in the sun flooded with the sun was corrected.
  • Fixed invisibility of Blurg and the stuck of Astarion in improper animation in the Mikonid circle.
  • Fixed several problems in the dialogue with the amulet of the monk.
  • Several errors corrected in dialogue with Dammon and Karlach about her heart.
  • Several errors corrected in dialogue with Fortuno Dibbs at the crossbar of the virs.
  • Fixed several problems with animation in dialogue with Kansif and a Vez warrior in the damned lands of shadows.
  • Fixed a small error of synchronization in the replica of the visitor of dreams when talking with Terezzin in nurseries.
  • Fixed problems with several replicas.
  • Fixed the eyes of characters, looking in the wrong direction in the scene of an ambush in the damned lands in the shade, if you side with the harpists.
  • Fixed some moments of Mokap in a conversation with Gale.
  • Several mocapes were removed in a dialogue with Astarion about the forces of Illitids.
  • Added several painful grimac for a player in a scene with Will in a colony.
  • Grunting to the scene for Dark Urge players after they resisted before attracting their Urges.
  • Drenn is no longer invisible in the scene at sunrise of the moon when Mintare has to defend himself.
  • Fixed a very long pause in a dialogue with Halsin after a fight in Endheim.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a large -scale role -playing game with the creators of the Divinity series: Original Sin. The game reached the PC on August 3 and turned out to be a big hit – players around the world praise it and developers. The version for PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is slightly delayed until September 6, and the versions for Xbox Series X and S are left without the release date (more about the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox here).

In an interview, Winka said that, according to the developers, the standard passage of Baldur’s Gate 3 takes from 75 to 100 hours. However, players who want "to do everything", should count on doubling this figure. We do not yet know what the exact numbers of sales of the Baldur’s Gate 3, which goes only to the PC, but at the time of the early release of the sale, exceeded 2.5 million copies.