Call the orderlies: Florida Joker nominated the next ultimatum to the authors of GTA 6 and requested $ 10 million

Lawrence Sullivan, whom the media christened "Florida Joker", sent Rockstar Games "The last warning". Now he wants to receive $ 10 million as a compensation for the alleged use of his image for the NPC, which appeared in the first GTA 6 trailer, until January 14. Otherwise, he promised, perhaps, in a joke that he would pull the hacker responsible for the gigantic leak of GTA 6, and "Together we will hack you again".

As you already, you know, in the first official GTA 6 video, a NPC arrested by the police with tattoos on his face appears for a short time. Fans connected this man with Lawrence Sullivan, twice arrested by the police for the illegal storage of firearms and the nickname "Florida Joker" For a vague resemblance to the Joker from "Suicide detachment". Earlier, Sullivan has already carried out others "Last warnings". At first he demanded two million dollars, soon increasing the amount of to three, and then to five million, saying that his lawyers were ready for action and that they have specific evidence that would help him win in court if it comes to the proceedings.

As we see, the video opens with the next comic output of Sullivan from due to branches of a tree with the inscription "GTA WE MUST TALK", which he obviously tries to turn into a certain trademark, possibly using the proposals of the performer of the role of Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2.

The following are the usual requirements, now up to 10 million dollars, and it is added that he cannot even go after the pizza without those who recognized the character from the GTA 6 trailer in him, and that without him "GTA would not be news". The message ends with the aforementioned promise to release Arion Kurtaja, one of the young hackers responsible for the theft of data from GTA 6 last year, which was placed in a psychiatric clinic.

In general, I gave you, guys, free advertising for a month. I need my money. My birthday January 11, if you do not contact me three days after my birthday. I want $ 10 million. 10 million dollars for my pain and suffering, for character diffamation. Stop playing games with me. When else GTA got into the news? Never, and you will not put me in GTA prison, you will not put me in a psychiatric hospital. Continue to play with me, I will get this guy out of a psychiatric hospital and let’s break your system again.