The leading developer Yakuza stopped the speculations about Kiryu’s personal life and fans are very upset

One of the leading developers of Yakuza downplayed the significance of the statements of Kiryu in the past trailer, and fans of the series cannot reconcile with this.

In the year before last, in June, the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio showed a new scene for the upcoming game Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, in which the main characters Ichiban and Kiryu exchange comments about love. Comments Kiryu prompted many to the idea that he had already made an offer to a woman, and this woman may well be Kaor Sayama from Yakuza Kiwami 2.

This conclusion of the fans was prompted by a frivolous remark of Kiryu addressed to Ichiban: "I already made an offer". Since Sayama is almost the only serious novel by Kiryu for the entire Yakuza series (yes, we do not take into account Yumi Savamur), many were glad that Kiryu and Sayama still have to find out about the possible novel.

However, the RGG studio was not at all hoping to perceive this comment.

"As for the answer to Kiryu and the mention of the proposal, he was very frivolous", – explained the director of RGG Studio Masayoshi Yokoyama in an interview with Gamer Braves.

There was no particular depth in this answer. He just wanted to go with the flow of conversation and say: "Hey, you know what, I already offered", not really thinking about it. So there will be no further talk about the real sentence against the background of this conversation, because it was mostly just funny.

In truth, this is a completely unusual comment on the part of Kiryu to give him out of the frivolous. Fans of Yakuza took this explanation of Yokoyam about this scene, and they go massively to Reddit to mourn her together.

"Why are they so afraid to give Kiryu normal relations?" – writes one of Reddit users, which is very dissatisfied with all this. "So that the players of Yakuza can empathize with the main character", – another commentator answers, perhaps unreasonably, to be honest.

"I hope that this is just a craft, an attempt to hush up the matter, but if it is really just an abandoned phrase. Bratan. Come on", – writes another participant Redditor. People, of course, are unhappy that Kiryu substituted them under a tempting replica, and then pulled out a carpet from under his feet. In the end, Yakuza fans are seriously interested in Kiryu. After all, they spent only about two decades with him.