Sven Vink finished work on Baldur’s Gate 3 and is now proceeding to another project

Director of the sensational Baldur’s Gate 3 and “Face” Larian Studios, Sven Vinka gave an interesting interview for the Dungeons YouTube channel & Dragons. The conversation was affected by many questions related to the last hit of the Belgian studio, but one of the most interesting concerns the future developer standing behind the success of Baldur.

Vinka is clearly not going to dwell on what has been achieved, and to the question of Kenerek’s leading Todd about what work inspires him at present, he answered the following: "You ask me about my next game, so I’m not going to answer this question".

At the same time, the head of Lariana admitted that the completion of the work on the Baldur’s Gate 3 for the PlayStation 5 console was a point for him, at which he finished his participation in the development of this game, and therefore he already moved to the next project.

The version for the PS5 is already available, we just loaded it, so I finished it. Now I’m going to go to the next project.

He refused to talk about the game, which is still at the design stage. Nevertheless, Vinka mentioned his passion for fantasy and science fiction novels, as a result of which Larian could create a game based on this topic. Although at the moment it is unclear what kind of game it will be, it may be something like a comprehensive game that covers both space and earth.

Of course, this does not mean the end of the Larian Studios work over BG3 improvement. Vinka explained that while some developers will be busy with further patches and the Xbox release of the game, he will already prepare a new game at this time. It is worth noting that the director of Baldur’s Gate 3 did not exclude the possibility of adding new content to the role -playing game, which fans were asked about or will still ask for. However, Vinka noted that a separate group of developers will already do this, and not the studio in general.

Fans will come to us and say: "We need this, this and this". All this will appear, but a separate team will already do this.

Baldur’s Gate 3 fans, this news may be happy, but they will have to be patient, since the development of the game takes time. In addition, employees and Larian Studios itself have always been distinguished by great attention to details, so the quality of their games always deserved recognition and liked the gamers.

Good luck, man

I want to be a gale to a gale, in deep water!

Tin here was pouting in the comments. I made an awesome game to you, did not abandon it, they will patch, finalize and, perhaps, dopontent will be done.

it will not happen. the cream is collected, and now you need to have time to collect the remains with the consoles, more more objective assessments appear. And after this craft will not bring a dough, so the pig in another project for leaving money is already in another project, although they still did not manage to bury this. There will be the fate of Andromeda

Where did this bile come from, it is probably easy to see shit in everything, it is clear that judge by yourself or the innate pomp does not allow me to wise!

You write the wrong way, you need to go under the games of EA or close)

You were mistaken in the topic, you need to write this in the topic Starfield

The keyword is possible.

Great job. Life goes on. New games continue, BG3 has forever established itself, I want to return to it . I really like the characters and the plot. Still in the process of the 1st passage .

I support. 86 hours of the first passage and only the end of the second act. So interesting and exciting has not been very, very long ago. I decided to wait a couple of patches so that the 3rd act is already more robbed.

Warhammer? Sven, do the continuation of Arkanum, or the new Shadowrun, and 6 editions can.

No he talked about the continuation of DOS2.

You can give him the development of Mass Effect, and Dragon Age.

And call the old BioWare veterans, eh would be suitable content.

Well, if Midsoda, Avelon and Winka united in one team, then there would definitely be a masterpiece. Collect the old composition of Biowar and the best screenwriters, wow. Yes, even Karpishen could be invited. And add music from Zura.

Damn, maybe they give them Fable?

do not spoil me

So he was already ruined by Andromeda, only some kind of mmoshka or mobile gacha in the ME universe will be worse)

To be honest, I would like 2-3 full-fledged DLCs for Baldur. A trip to the Adik, to find out the story of a withered, new partners, to continue the GG line after the ending. New locations, more quests and disclosure of different races. Why just not supplement and expand the game, vinka. Why??

There was a dude from Larian on one forum, and he said that the Byzardes were either threw or hardly substituted Larian with money for BG3, he clearly said nothing, t.To. NDA, but said that continuations, in general, are not planned.

Something tells me that visas simply drove with payments a studio or someone crookedly read the agreement and did not see a couple of points because of which he flew with payments, but rather with bonuses.

At the expense of the continuation. Let them fix what is now, it will be enough.

The continuation of them should be done in their invented universes or to do one more, work on someone else’s ownership usually imposes a bunch of restrictions and the main cream is collected by the owner of the rights to the universe, not the developer, and if the owner is also greedy or with a cunning, then he only hopes for good luck and the fact that the studio after this "cooperation" can be afloat.

This must be agreed with the Byzards, as the universe, in fact, in fact and without their approval, Larian will not be able to do, and if a person tells the truth below, then the Larian’s desire will agree.

Well, since Vinka Saza said that he switches to a new Title, it’s good that they are at least released their favorite definition for BG3

It is likely that they will return to divinity, if so, I hope for the new adventures of the Dragon knight

"finished" He, Kek, still needs to finish.

Well, good luck to Sven, but I still hope that the definitive is Edian he will control and sit with a nagike.

Yes, I wonder what will happen for the next project

It is obvious that DOS3.

I doubt that DOS3, rather there will be a new one, the game. And, not the fact that the genre of fantasy.

He recently stated that after refinement of the BG3, his studio would begin dos3

It turns out they have already finalized the BG? To operate.

something else is better but in the divinity universe. maybe the third part of the main series?

You can make the same Baldur, only in space. It is quite interesting.

Skyrim in space out, the people are not very pleased.

A mixture of the masses of the Baldur effect, Varhammer and Hem?) It sounds interesting. Shat apa teke May Mani and this is not sarcasm)

So. man, there is still everyone forgotten Arkanum, please

It is a pity that the trace of the game will be less

Now I will look forward to their next games

Obviously, in 10 years, we will see this new project of it. Alpha version is more.

He should make a game similar to Arcanum.

After all that lies about 17k endings, epilogues for 15 minutes, which as a result were patting on the shoulder, phrase: you are well done, go to @@ Ren and black screen and "Mega lustfulness" Games (seriously, one sex scene with romantic interest and black ecroan in a brothel, but a sex scene with Ktulhu is the bottom) I want to take it by the neck and bar: until you make a Baldur’s Gate 3-Enhanced Edition, about the next project of Dream sleep.If that Enhanced Edition to the First Orijinal Sin is essentially a real release, since the differences from the usual version of the sky and earth.

In any case, before implementation, a fantastic project, you still have to survive. How long does it take to implement what is still in the idea.35 years. And then for revision. It will come out then and talk.

The next project. You would bring this to mind. I do not deny that the game is cool and the best thing that has been released recently, but the 3rd act and its optimization. About cut content and imbalance on this very content, if you go for an evil character spoils the whole impression if it does not reduce it to 0

I want from Steve Wenk a game with an open world as in a witcher. I think the next game will be so

Great job thank you uv.Larian

Another copy of the divinity)

as if it is so incomprehensible – it is DOS3

"Independent" He threw it again "full -fledged" unfinished with a bunch of holes and at the call of the heart rushed to new horizons? Did the fans really have bloomed on a new project?

RPG, where nothing affects anything, nor the class is needed, nor skills with origin, nor your actions, because they do not affect the plot and ending, well, perhaps the scripts really suddenly influenced the void of locations, "So according to the plot", and not in the investigation of so -so!

Multiclasses receive a skill bonus from the character level, and not from class level – this is a tryndets! Multiclasses break the already non-binding role, but worse than this is that they do not receive at least some fine as a compromise in front of a clean class, which should just be implemented in their damage due to the castrated level of the class, and not character level. I took the fifth level of the class, so get its honest increase in 2D10 damage, and if after that I took a multi -class, then don’t even think about 3D10 at the 11th level of the character – this is a balance!

Fans of browser horror quests are delighted, they were allowed to wander around beautiful locations without a role and without troubles, but with a variable plot for unbridled housewives. What is broken there, they don’t even care and they can only be envied, because you know less, you sleep tight! But the story says that such Sonya is not against it and do not mind.

Uncle, and where are the endings? Why are Orin and a larynx plotly merged, where they have a registered story like Keterik, why all the quests 3 acts are reduced to save, score, steal? Why is an evil path you punish you with huge losses of content and satellites? As you explain plotly, that we have not destroyed the three, and Jergal at the end is just some kind of laughter? Where is the content of the Mintars, why Modder rummaged in your triggers and was able to start an affair with her when you miss the grove? Will you fix the stupid AI of the enemy, when it stands 40 seconds and is stupid, will you fix blindness on the enemy so that he does not fly out on the wings from the dark, when the blind?

Why are Orin and a larynx plotly merged, where they have a registered story like Keterik
Orin from the family of sectarians, crazy from birth, and the larynx of the crude is lucky. Keterik stands out against their background, and at the expense of his long life has a little more interesting story.

Why is an evil path you punish you with huge losses of content and satellites
Because you kill everyone

How you will explain plot that we have not destroyed the three
And they had to? In the game, the goal was to stop the Absolute and get rid of larvae, and not go wander around the worlds to kill the gods

Why Modder rummaged in your triggers and was able to start an affair with her
Because Modder rummaged in triggers

Will you fix the stupid AI of the enemy when it stands 40 seconds and stupid
Dumb and it is worth calculating options are different things

Will you fix blindness on the enemy so that he does not fly out on the wings from the dark
Why not the enemy fly out of the darkness on the wings?

Dumb and it is worth calculating options are different things

Yeah, there was not enough time to calculate all the options, passes the move. So stupid.

Why not the enemy fly out of the darkness on the wings?

Maybe because when you are in the hunger of Hadar, you, as a player, cannot shoot far, and the enemy simply jumps out of the spell or flies away?

Because Modder rummaged in triggers

Made faster than developing, they kick there

And they had to? In the game, the goal was to stop the Absolute and get rid of larvae, and not go around the worlds to kill the gods

If you read stories after the second split of the supervision of AO, these three remained quasibrics (the lowest deity by rank), who began to gather followers on Faerun, to soak them in the Datamines were real. But all this is a swing ambition. In the plot, in fact, we did nothing, only the rebellious brain banged. Sent by nah.

Orin is crazy of the family of sectarians, a larynx of the crop whose is lucky. Keterik stands out against their background, and at the expense of his long life has a little more interesting story.

Yes, the whole 2 act is only about Keterik, which prevented the rest of the rest?. B-Curiatic, Orin, fumbled by sewage, oh, and here the temple of Baala turns out to be, Orin is eliminated, without passing the temptation you won’t understand, what is the sectarians, what kind of work is the best with the actors of the Gontash and Keterik, in words, in words Actresses. We see only the call of the brain from all the captured scenes of these three, but the chatter with a larynx, the gortash, did not even know anything about him so that someone told me in dialogues about him, handed over the Baldurans to the brain, sold Karlachka Zariel, some kind of traders weapons, a tyrant according to Bane’s commandments. You can fill up immediately after Orin, do not take a stone with you just. And there is a fact there, to blow up a factor, to save the captured Gondians from the iron throne (who had fun, Bart Ruth accuses me that I blew everyone up, ahem, I visited the iron throne, niche a?), this can already be considered not the main plot, because it does not interfere with the breeding of a larynx at once even at the ceremony.

Because you kill everyone

And how it can be knitting, there content was piled there only for good ones, and why, evil must be without content, evil does not sometimes lead to the destruction of everything according to the worldviews? On the cut content that the Datamainers were recorded, we could have good allies, agree with the Casador, he was a significant political force that we did with him, oh yes, he became a typical upstart boss, Rafik could get rid of the larvae, right now there was a typical boss who, according to his stupidity, can simply squeeze the hammer. Gityyes, too, could offer us something, but we were deprived of the attack of sectarians on their nursery, and make a whole location for the sake of the nursery, pf, but I would just have made an additional zone in the damned lands. The allies of the Sharitis, if they had not shown in the vicium, also boss. Yes, even Llos on the old Datamians had to be. What do we have in the end, intentional pushing for wigging good, only because of the content. The temptation was also leaked, returned to his place of the chosen one, here is the logical path of evil for you. No, the union of the larynx costs nothing, it is simply cut out at any time. Well, you did not perform the Baal Testament to control the brain, everything, you with red eyes, take a dagger and stomp somewhere, you would generally produce new adolescence of Baala. And according to the 2nd act along the path of the ministars, we can only go to exterminate the tower for the opportunity with Jaheira. Where is the lifting of the curse from the land? With the murdered halsin, where the romance with Karlach was chopped off even if Tifli just left the grove for neutral. The whole plot is only about good and goes, and you, as a Messiah, are going to solve their problems for everyone again, so tired.

That’s all this should have been sought pigs, why did you release it, where the execution of your words. You have the potential of the plot for the Datamians like Dragon Age 1. A good completion would be guaranteed to be. There were good quests for 3 acts, because of which performance fell on broken triggers. Take and say to cleanliness, and they drive a blizzard according to the template of all studios, 3 points about cut content, and the game in the proper form, it seems to you that 3 acts are crumbled and is on the rails.