“We’ll have to watch”: the network reaction to the casting of the second season The Last of US

In early January 2024, several news appeared at once in connection with the casting of The Last of US series. The authors of the show chose the actors for the roles of Abby, Jesse and Dina – they accordingly became Kaitlin Diver (“Nobody will save you”), Yang Mazino (the series “Drill”) and Isabel Merced (“Killer 2: Against All”). Fans of the game and show reacted differently to the choice of the creators.

For example, almost everyone liked the choice of Yang Mazino for the role of Jesse. The character was even called the only universal favorite of players in The Last of Us: Part 2 – Everyone else turned out to be controversial.

Caitlin saboteur was less lucky. Users were divided into two camps. Some enthusiastically took the news about her participation in the second season and wished her good luck. Another actress seemed physically weak and pretty, which contradicts the image of Abby in the sequel The Last of Us.

The players perceived the choice of Isabela Merced to the role of Dina.

Not without criticism. For example, some gamers would prefer the actress in the role of Dina, who voiced the character – Shannon Woodword (the series “World of the Wild West”). Others complained that they expected to see a blogger Kasin Karadonna on the screen, with whom Naughty Dog wrote off the appearance of Dina. However, the most critics Merced upset the racial inconsistency of the actress and character.

“I am sure that she [actress] is magnificent, but what about the choice of Jewish actors for the role of Jewish characters?” – @NOAHGEV;

“Where is a big nose and large eyebrows? Was it so difficult to find [a similar person]? Dina looked so special, now she looks like everyone else ” – @obiwrare.

Against the backdrop of praise to the new actors, gamers did not forget to criticize Bella Ramzi’s choice for Ellie’s role. Many particularly did not like the contrast of Ramsi and Merced – the actresses had already seen earlier and took pictures together. Dissatisfied players already represent how Ellie and Dina will look side by side.

Bella Ramsi and Isabel Merced

“I can imagine her [Isabel Merced] in the image of Dina, but I still can’t imagine her [Bell Ramsi] in the image of Ellie. Still the worst casting in this series ” – @injirleefe;

The Last of us film adaptation premiere in January 2023. In May, the authors suspended work on the second season due to strikes by the Actors and Scriptwriters of the United States. Filming will start in February 2024.