Modder added DLSS 3 support in The Last of US Part 1 – performance has grown markedly

The Last of US Part I went to a PC two months ago. The adventure game from the Naughty Dog, converted for the PlayStation 5, was the long-awaited for the PC Gamers, but many technical problems made its launch less successful than it could be.

One of the most obvious problems was high requirements for VRAM, not impressive textures on medium and low settings, for a very long time for compilation of shaders and mediocre optimization of the processor. Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy (a studio that headed The Last of US Part I has released several patches that improve the performance of the game in all areas.

The Last of US Part I is far from the only recent PC game that showed unsatisfactory performance. As you may remember, Modder PureDark took up the increase in performance by introducing playing technologies into games that did not support them naturally.

One of them was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then Elden Ring, although perhaps the most famous example is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The game from Respawn suffered from the technical problems similar to The Last of US Part I, and the Puredark Mod managed to almost double the performance of this game using DLSS 3. Later he also replaced his native FSR 2 with DLSS 2 (Super Resolution), which improved the image quality.

The Last of US Part I does not have such a problem, since it includes DLSS 2 by default. However, she could definitely use DLSS 3, as PureDark showed the last demonstration.

As you can see on the video above, the performance of the game on its GeForce RTX 4070TI doubles when the Frame Generation function is activated. It seems that there are no visual shortcomings in this implementation, and Modder said that he would release modification in the next few days.

Of course, the High-End graphics cards GeForce RTX 40 are probably not needed a large increase, but NVIDIA has just released RTX 4060TI, and RTX 4060 will appear in July. These entry -level GPUs will certainly be happy with additional performance.