Subverse authors talk about things that are currently working on

Developers from Studio Fow Interactive released the 28th Subverse Development Diary. These are the main points of what the studio is working on:

  • Work is underway on the next set of quests "Devotion", in which Killison and Fortune will take part. There are two space combat missions and one mission of network combat. In addition, there are several more clickable episodes and a new mini-game.
  • This week some NSFW scenes were animated, as well as visual effects and surrounding the surroundings for SFW synematics.
  • This month the last strokes have been introduced in the last scenes of Pandora.
  • Next week, work on the Taron quest will begin
  • Work on the scenes of the visual novel continues.
  • Work began on new Waifa outfits, starting with this Gothic linen, which you can see in the News cap.
  • Among other things, this month, the list of tasks includes several concept arts, 3D-ideas, a lot of graphics and new symbolic.

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