The GTA 5 star does not believe that the GTA 6 will be the “vouk-game” and expects “the greatest game in history”

The first trailer GTA 6 caused a huge hype, and not only among the fans of the video game. Despite the fact that the expectations are really high, there was no shortage of those who criticized Rockstar Games for changing her approach and lost "modern standards" And went "On the path of Woke culture". Ned Luke reacted to comments.

For uninitiated: "Woke" (VOUK, waking up) – Neologism, which is common in the English -speaking SJW, denoting "accepting modern Western non -traditional values". It is understood that a person seemed to wake up from his humanity and now completely shares the ideals of globalism, which should even be contrary to his own interests.

At the end of last year, Rockstar satisfied the expectations of many gamers, releasing the first trailer for the last part of Grand Theft Auto. Recently, there have been a lot of conversations not only about the possible date of the release, disputes and reaction to personnel, but also about the comments on the scenes shown.

Ned Luke, an actor who played Michael from GTA 5, talked with the IGN editors and made a retreat about "waking up" video atmospheres. Some people are convinced that GTA 6 will not offer experience in their corporate identity because Rockstar Games "I succumbed to fashion", Making a special emphasis on women, ethnic diversity or social inequality.

Lucia is cool, dude. She looked good in the trailer. Many clowns said: "Rockstar followed the path of awakened and goes in this direction, creating the world. Firstly, in the past there were other female protagonists, but, obviously, not as large as this [GTA 6]

The actor is sure that Rockstar Games is not only not going to change the concept of creating the gangster world, but also offers "The greatest game in history".

GTA 6 will be the biggest game in history. In my opinion, she [Lucia] looks like a villain. In the last scene that they fall into, she just looked a villain. It was cool that she was driving. She opened the door with a kick, and then Jason appeared. So I don’t know if you read in this that she will be a star, and he will be with her, or what.

Rockstar Games for many years proved that she was not afraid to push the boundaries, shock and start discussions on difficult topics – and the last game will be the right way to challenge his own legend. Undoubtedly, it will not be easy to surpass GTA 5, but we systematically face the statements that only GTA 6 can achieve this level of contradictions. Will she become "Vouk-game"? They will definitely return to this topic, and, of course, next year we will see a promising development of events.